Vintage Styled Christmas Trees...

6 Materials
30 Minutes
These little trees are super cute and easy to make... adding a little german glass glitter kicks them up a notch!...
Gather up your supplies
To make your own little vintage styled christmas trees you will need:



Dye (in colours that you love)


Mini trees



Bleach bleach bleach
Pour your bleach into a container that you can fully submerge your tree(s) into... I do about a half bleach half water mix... if you want them to bleach out more quickly you can add more bleach
Swish swish swish
I swish the trees around a little... I feel like that helps the process... lol
Rinse rinse rinse
Next rinse the tree off under some running water... all of the fake snow will also wash away after the bleaching...
Lay them out to dry... if you're impatient you can use a hair dryer to dry them more quickly.
Prepare the dye
I used RIT pink fabric dye in the liquid format... its easy to work with - I don't follow a particular quantity mixture of liquid dye to water... start with your container of hot water and pour in some dye and give a stir... dunk you tree and take it back out and check it... if you want it darker leave it in longer... if you want it darker still after that add some more dye!...
Keep dying until you're happy with the colour and then maybe dunk it once more - I find that the trees lighten just a little when i give them their after dye rinse...
Rinse rinse rinse
After the tree comes out of the dye give it a good rinse off to wash away any excess dye...
Let them dry
Then pace the trees aside until they've had a chance to dry... or again hit them with a hairdryer!
Glue glue glue
Now for the glittery part... the bases... be sure that they're dry - you can even pull them off of the trees before you start bleaching them if you like

Coat each of the bases in a thin layer of glue...
Its glitter time!
...then sprinkle glitter all over - I love to use my pure silver german glass glitter for these as it adds to the vintage styling of the little bitty trees.
Glue that tree back in
Once the bases have been glittered I place a little dot of glue onto the stems of each of the trees and I place them back into their bases and set them aside to set.
And BAM!... there you have it! You're very own vintage styles little bittle vintage bottle brush Christmas trees!
Make a snow globe
I like to place my trees around my home... and also into vintage mason jars to create cute little snow globes!...

I can't wait to see what colour and glitter combinations you come up with for your trees! Please be sure to stop on by the Feathering My Nest Facebook page to share a photo of your bitty trees with me!

Feathering My Nest - Lacey Haskell
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  • Cindy Cindy on Dec 19, 2018

    Instead of RIT dye, can you use food coloring?

  • Lisa Lisa on Dec 20, 2018

    What is the white ‘snow’ in the bottom of the mason jar made from?

  • Fou8073803 Fou8073803 on Dec 23, 2018

    Where do you find "german glass glitter"? :)

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