Christmas Window Box Diorama, Shadow Box, With a Winter Landscape

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A Christmas window box diorama, shadow box, with a mini winter landscape in an illuminated crate. This little snowy winter landscape, full of small lights, brings magic to the house. This Christmas decoration was made by composing a snowy scenery full of twinkling lights in a white painted crate and surmounted by a sparkling golden star.


To make this Christmas party decoration, I installed a snowy micro-landscape with miniatures and I lit the scenery with a multicolored led garland and I surmounted it with a star and holly.

- I first painted a crate in white and gold

- I drilled small holes on the back to place all the lights of the garland, I stitched the wires and glued the battery box and switch

 I coated varnish-glue the floor of the crate and I covered it with green glitter

- I covered the entire bottom of a rectangle of artificial snow over the lights

- To compose my miniature landscape: I recovered a suspension of fir in the shape of golden pine cone, I sprinkled it with glitter and stuck on a strip of bark rolled up and slightly silvery

- I recovered a plastic star-shaped ceiling molding that I painted in gold, sprinkled with glitter, attached to a wire and attached to a drilled hole at the top of the crate

- I painted green and fuchsia, holly leaves that I stuck on both sides of the star

- I recycled two plastic deers that I painted in white and sprinkled with glitter

- I found a mushroom shaped glass fir pendant. After introducing a cork, I could snare in my landscape

- I finally sprinkled it all with some artificial snowflakes and put a star on the top of the tree

-- I fixed the set with aerosol varnish

-- I fixed the set with aerosol varnish

- And here's my Christmas diorama, to pose in the family room, because you will see,

once the multicolored lights illuminate the shadow box, as if by magic, the atmosphere becomes magical.

Suggested materials:
  • Wooden crate with solid bottom
  • White and golden paint, green and fuchsia
  • Varnish
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