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With Christmas coming up and the stores just packed and crazy I thought I would do a little Christmas crafts at home to make my own centerpieces as I'm not waiting 45 minutes in line at the dollar store for something that I could make myself LOL so it's a little bit of coffee filters a hot glue gun and a styrofoam semicircle I got to work the color is unicorn spit one of my favorite things to color pretty much anything if you haven't guessed already I'm obsessed with this product LOL
Start I bought some coffee filters a semi circle styrofoam hot glue sticks hot glue gun and a pen. Once my hot glue had warmed I took a pen placed it in the center of the coffee filter and crunch the coffee filters based around it then proceeded to put a dot of hot glue on the bottom of the coffee filter where the pen and was and placed the coffee filter with hot glue onto the semicircle then held down firmly for about 10 seconds
I continue this method in a straight line down the semicircle I left a quarter inch on the bottom without any filters as it pops up if you don't I continued going down in lines throughout the entire thing until it was full
Just an image of the process
The coffee filter centerpiece once completed. You can either leave as-is add sprinkles or your own type of flare I decided to of course unicorn spit it
I just put a little water in a spray bottle and added two or three squirts of unicorn spit until it reached the desired color from there I just simply spritzed it on I chose to use green and red for Holiday colors I'm looking forward to changing it up and using different colors for different seasons and events
And there you have it as simply let try and place on your table
Just a close up photo

Hope this was helpful I had a lot of fun doing it and it was very simple!
Suggested materials:
  • Coffee filters   (local grocer)
  • Hot glue glue gun   (Dollar Store)
  • Unicorn SPiT
Twice Loved Creations
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  • Kim Kim on Dec 19, 2016
    Beautiful. I'm wondering what it would look like if we could get the colour to come up from the bottom... I think this is an amazing dyi. best I've seen for event decoration

    • Twice Loved Creations Twice Loved Creations on Dec 19, 2016
      Awe thank you! The great thing about the Unicorn spit is its washable so you could even dip it in the spit rather than spay it and get a different effect :)

  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Dec 20, 2016
    Its beautiful! I love how you manipulated the colors!