Colorful Poinsettia Christmas Tree #ChristmasTree

My Christmas tree decor is whimsical this year, but for me, the highlight of the tree are the giant poinsettias. I kind of ran with that as my theme; you’ll have to stop by my blog for the whole home holiday tour!
With my new furniture arrangement, the tree is no longer relegated to the corner! It resides in the middle of our large living room window, flanked by the two club chairs. Our new furniture living room makeover made a big impact on Christmas!
It’s such a cozy place to relax with a cup of coffee.
The variety of depth and size of ornaments is what makes the tree truly beautiful. I love all the different textures and shapes to look at!
Aren't those large poinsettias beautiful!? Of course, the tree is most admirable in the evening all lit up.
I think the light’s reflection is a great benefit of placing the tree in front of a window. Do you put yours in front of a window?
If you are interested in how I captured pictures like this of my tree at night, I will give you a quick tutorial:

Turn off all the lights except the tree.

Set your camera to manual mode.

Turn the shutter speed way down (leave the shutter open for 5 or 6 seconds).

Turn the ISO down as low as you can, you might need to have it higher to get enough light in the picture. But the higher the ISO, the more grainy the photo will be.

Turn the f-stop low so that the whole tree is in focus.

Set the camera on a sturdy surface.

Set the camera timer to 3 or 10 seconds, this is just so that you do not bump the camera with your finger taking the picture yourself.

Take your photo! Be careful not to move the camera as the shutter is open.
Thanks for checking out my tree this year! It is such a gift to have many readers here on Hometalk. Please pay me a visit on my blog to see more!
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