Cookie Cutter Quandry

Bonnie witlam
by Bonnie witlam
Awhile back I got a bag of mini cookie cutters at the thrift store? I asked for suggestions as to how to turn them into a "Christmas Treasure".
I had so many wonderful answers, I thought I'd do a follow-up post
there were 40 cookie cutters and I also picked up a bag of small ornaments too...decided to glue some tiny red bows to each one
Lined them up..ready for the assembly line! Well the glue and bow thing didn't quite work out😕🤔

Time to pull out the glue gun!
Decided that I needed something besides just the cookie cutters to add interest. Got a couple bags of mini cinnamon scented pine cones. Had a bag of red wooden garland from last year, so I glued the bows to the cookie cutters and glued the red garland beads to the pine cones. Only 1 casualty! Forgot how hot glue hurts! Ouch!
There were some gold balls and a couple gold pine cones in each bag, they got the bow/bead treatment also.
Got a bin of assorted Christmas greenery at a garage sale in the summer. There was a tree, hubby said it made "Charlie Brown's tree" look lush!

I was gonna fix that! I used the small ornaments from the thrift store, some were even shaped like cookies and some plastic ones I had...
And I found this rustic star from last year..thought it would be perfect!
Put them all together, added the other bag of red bead garland and done!
I think it looks wonderful together! And my husband even said " It's not such a bad little tree after all!"

Merry Christmas to all!

And Happy crafting New Year!
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  • Michlosangeles Michlosangeles on Dec 06, 2015
    Hi, Bonnie! Your cookie cutter garland is absolutely awesome! Love the assembly line you set up - I would never have thought of it and would still be drilling one by one by one by one...