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I love those beautiful urns that welcome guests to your home during the holidays. My family usually cut boughs each year and we make our own. Our local florist also sells all kinds of greenery too. No time this year and a limited or rather non existant budget for decorating. Hope you find some inspiration and go shopping in your basement or storage area for something to repurpose and add to your holiday décor.
These are my urns. I brought them inside to work because it's -15 today.
I had great plans to add some willow branches but soon discovered that the soil left over from my Fall mums was still very frozen. The willows will have to wait another year.
I dug out my 20 year old garland - you know the stuff that you simply can't toss or throw away for sentimental reasons. I had some cute little lanterns too.
The soil still being very frozen still wouldn't budge. I used an exercise step foam to help secure my branches and elevate the lanterns. I'm ashamed to say that the foam block has never been used until today!
I wrapped that old garland inside and around each lantern.
The purple foam is nicely concealed with the boughs.
I used this poker to make holes in the foam for the branches. It' s a meat carving tool.
A little leftover ribbon gives the lanterns some sparkle.
I dug out some shatter proof ornaments.
I attached them with the little metal hangers that I purchased from Home Depot a couple of years ago.
Brought them outside. The sun is shining but it's chilly!
Hope this gives you some ideas on how you can decorate with limited funds. Happy Holidays!
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  • Urns   (On hand)
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