Decorative Twine-wrapped Wine Bottle

by Fallyn
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Hi my fellow creatives! I am excited to share with you one of my arts, the twine-wrapped wine bottle. In just under an hour and for only a few dollars, you can add a touch of elegance with your own unique artistic expression to your home. The best part is that you are taking what most consider trash, and instead turning it into a piece of art.

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To start you will need to gather a few things:

~1 Wine Bottle - any shape or size will work, but I do find the Pinot Noir bottles are a bit easier to deal with

~1 Spool of Waxed Twine or Waxed Cord - at least 100 Meters

*any color you wish

~Tweezers - they help with tying knots and making sure there are no gaps in the twine

~Decorative items :

-Pearl Buttons

-Lace Fabric

-Silk Flowers

-Any items that catch your fancy are usable

~1 Bottle of Adhesive Spray*

~Hot glue gun*

*These items will provide enough product to make several bottles.

Step 1 - Clean The Bottle:

Specifically, the outside. Simple paper towel and water or windex will do, and lucky for you there’s no need to remove that pesky label.
Step 2 - Start With A Knot:

Take the twine that you have chosen, wrap it just under the lip at the top of the bottle and tie a knot, making sure that it is snug. The tweezer can be very helpful in tying this knot. Face the “tail” down so that you can cover it as you wrap the bottle.
Step 3 - Sticky Your Bottle:

Grab your spray adhesive and give a light coating to about half of the bottle. While doing this either go outside or stand near an open window to avoid having the fumes inside your house.
Step 4 - Start Wrapping!: Now is the FUN part!!

I find that it is easiest to hold the top of the bottle with one hand while wrapping with the other, but whatever works best for you is great. It is necessary to stop every few revolutions to make sure there are no gaps between the rows. This is where the tweezers come in hand to “push” up the twine, making each row tight to the previous one.
Step 5 - Tie Off The Twine:

When you reach the bottom of the bottle, leaving a few millimeters so the twine doesn’t slip off, cut the twine from the spool with enough slack to make 2 knots. Again, the tweezers are very helpful in making the knots.
Step 6 - Express Yourself:

Once you have your bottle beautifully wrapped with twine, making it a blank canvas to work with, you are ready to adorn it with your chosen decorative items. This is the creative part, don’t be scared everyone is capable of this. Grab your hot glue gun and the items you’ve chosen to decorate your bottle with.

In the end, I decided that the flower with the jingle bells was too much. I much preferred just the simple flower, but the fantastic thing is that since this is your art work for your home whatever you prefer is going to be beautiful.
Step 7 - Evoke Your Inner Artist:

Essentially, the final step is the expression of your unique tastes. In the holiday spirit, i am going to use a red, elegant silk flower in contrast to the simplicity of the green twine. For this final step, we will be using the hot glue gun, so before putting anything permanently onto the bottle play with placement of your decorative items. Once the glue is applied to twine, attempts to remove may cause the material to unravel and tatter. When a particular final decoration and placement speaks to you, glue down the decorative pieces and step back to marvel at your handmade work of art.

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I hope you enjoy the beauty in the simple item that you have turned into a unique piece of art, and may it serve as a reminder of the many things around you that are Everydai Beautiful.
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  • Wine Bottle
  • Twine
  • Spray Adhesive
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