DIY Christmas Garland

Rachel | mapleandgrey
by Rachel | mapleandgrey
6 Materials
90 Minutes

Last year I had planned to make a garland and ran out of time. So this year I made sure I got it done and I’m so happy with how it turned out!

I printed off letters on the computer to the appropriate size.

I then cut these into sections and glued onto cardboard.

I cut around all the letters neatly, using a cutting knife for any detailed parts.

I then removed the paper to avoid any black paper showing through and was left with the brown cardboard.

I had some leftover chunky yarn and decided to use that rather than the thin wool that I had originally planned to use.

This gave better coverage and was faster to work with but also looked so much more effective. It gives the appearance of felt from a distance and worked so well.

At the start/end of the letters I used my glue gun to secure the wool as I wrapped it around the cardboard.

This is what I was left with once all the letters were covered.

I then lay out all the letters on the floor equally spaced and stuck string to the top of each one using the glue gun again.

This worked perfectly to secure them to the string.

The finished garland turned out so well. I love that I used the chunky yarn as it gave an entirely different feel to the finished look.

I based this design on an anthropology style and it has a similar look to a felt letter garland.

I love the cozy touch that it adds to this window. I also used more leftover yarn to braid the garland above. And for the top one I tied small silver baubles to twine to recreate a mercury bauble garland.

This was so easy to make and free with things I had lying around the house!

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~ Rachel ♡

Suggested materials:
  • Printed paper
  • Cardboard
  • Thick yarn
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