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Let me start by telling you that they weren't supposed to look like this...nope, they were supposed to be bigger!
So I've been busy lately, really busy making Christmas gifts and rustic Christmas decor for the home. And let me tell you, you won't be disappointed! So get ready, cuz over the next three blog posts, I'm going to be posting some DIY Christmas projects that might just help you out in a pinch for those final gifts or decor of your own.

Let's start with my new little Rustic Christmas Trees. And then let me continue by telling you that they weren't supposed to look like this...nope, they were supposed to be bigger! The hubby was helping me out this past weekend, and I brought in a bunch of pallet wood with a design in mind to create a large tree for the front porch. I got busy working on about 50 other projects, because who really wants to focus in on one thing at a time, and he began cutting some pieces for me. By the time I took notice and realized they were much small than I intended, I was absolutely in love with them!
Pretty cute already, right? All it took was me seeing the pint-sized wonders, and I was all over it! I then hurriedly made my way out to the shed in search wood to use for the trunk and something to make a stand out of. It didn't take me long to find some old spindles from a deck removal we did a few years back and some smaller pieces to be used for the base.
Once I had everything I needed, we started the process of cutting the pallet wood using 45-degree angles.

The first cut was at a 45-degree angle.
The second cut was straight giving us the top of the tree.

The third cut was similar to the first.
For the second branch of the tree, we cut it at another 45-degree angle.

And here's the important cut, you need to take off just a small cut on the top of the second piece of the tree, so it will butt up against the first.
You keep repeating this process each time. The third branch is measured out at about 11-inhces and then cut at a 45-degree angle.
With the final cut coming in at 13-inches.
I then took the old deck spindle and measured it to about 19-inches, taking care that both ends were square.

We then placed them on the spindle and nailed them in place with my pneumatic stapler using long enough staples to go through all the wood and hold it securely.
Once all the branches are attached, it was time to add the base so it could rest on a table top or floor without falling over.
Resting it directly against the back of the floor stand wouldn't work, so we added a small spacer behind it to give us the right amount of clearance.
We went with an 11-inch base to give it the support it needs, so it won't easily topple over.
Now here's where your creativity shines. I decided to stain the entire tree because I wanted parts of the stain to show through when I rough sanded it a little at the end.
Add some green paint and let dry.
I used my Cameo Silhouette to make a stencil so I could paint words on the trees. Now, if you're good with painting free-hand letters, go for it! I don't do that well with it so I use the tools I have to make it look good.
Fresh cut trees is rocking the star. And He Is Born looks good with a little shimmering glitter. And The First Noel? Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle. I'm also thinking 'O Holy Night looks good in a little silver.

A little glitter to make the season bright...yup, I like how they turned out. Don't you? Another easy, peasy DIY Rustic Christmas decor item to add to your list. I know the list of people wanting one from me is quickly growing.


*If you want more detailed directions, hop on over to my blog for the full tutorial and check out some other fun projects while you're there!
Author Lisa L Wiedmeier
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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