DIY Christmas Sign

by Charity
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Today I thought it would be fun to show y’all how I made my double sided DIY Christmas sign thanks again to my Cricut machine. If you’ve been around here long enough, then you know I am a tad bit obsessed with my Cricut. I have used it for so many projects and I love how easy and user friendly it is. If you’ve ever considered getting a Cricut, you definitely should! I have really gotten my money’s worth out of it already with all the easy and fun projects I have been doing with it so far!

Here it is all finished on my porch!

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Materials Needed for DIY Christmas Sign

  • Scrap piece of wood
  • Cricut Machine (I used my Explore Air 2 machine)
  • Paint
  • Sandpaper, optional
  • Cricut vinyl (I used red glitter, green glitter, and black)
  • Cricut transfer tape
I got my vinyl all cut out and ready to go.
Design Your Sign on Cricut Design Space

I wanted to do a fun little version of a porch welcome sign. I didn’t have a piece of wood large enough to do a real big one, but I think the size of it turned out to be super cute. To get a welcome design, just type in “Christmas Welcome” on Cricut’s Design Space and choose a few styles you like. You can then print it out on whatever color of vinyl you want. I choose to do two different welcome signs because I wanted one to be super festive. And then the other side to be just simple and winter related. That way I could leave it out after Christmas as well.

To make the sign, I just had a few scrap pieces of wood leftover from another project. So I simply just grabbed a size I liked and then painted it. I first painted it black, and then went over it with white. After painting it, I distressed it with a little bit of sandpaper. A lot of my porch decor is vintage and distressed so I wanted it to go along with everything else. This is very similar to how I made my DIY Vintage Fall Market Signs a few months back too.

Apply the Vinyl to Your Sign

After printing out the design, you will need to remove the excess vinyl. I use a Cricut weeder tool to do this easily. Then, you need to use some transfer tape to stick on top of your vinyl design. To make sure it sticks very well, you also need to use the scraper tool to do so. Then, carefully and slowly peel back the vinyl backing. Make sure the vinyl is sticking completely on the transfer tape before fully pulling off the backing.

I like to place it out on the board first to make sure everything is lining up.
This is the other design for the back of this sign.
Here you can see the transfer tape on the sign, ready to transfer the vinyl from the tape to the sign!

I noticed that using glossy vinyl is much easier in this process than using glitter. The glitter vinyl is very pretty, but you definitely need to go pretty slow and adhere it very well with the scraper tool before peeling it off. Otherwise, it doesn’t stick very well to the transfer tape.

Here is the same process for the other side of the sign.

Once you have it all transferred on the tape, then you need to transfer the vinyl to your sign as well. To do this, you simply repeat the same process using the scraper tool. And then, slowly and carefully lift up the transfer tape from the wood sign.

Styling Your Christmas Sign

Like I said above, I knew I wanted this sign to be on our porch. And I think it adds just the perfect, festive touch. I think the red and green glitter on it looks perfect with all my other porch decor.

Also, I think the other side I did will be perfect come after Christmas too. It’s nice and neutral and it does have that cute snowflake in it. So I think it will be great to display all winter long as well.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial on how I created this cute DIY Christmas sign. It was super easy and fun to create. Which side you like better!? Let me know below and tell me if you have any questions about using the Cricut or the whole process. I would love to help you out! And, be sure to check out all my other projects I have created this year using my Cricut machine as well:

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