DIY Feather Christmas Tree

This is a love it or leave it kinda thing. I made this tree, and in an instant, it was LOVE for me! I loved how the feathers flowed, and the tree had so much fullness! It was just too dang cute! BUT…when I asked my husband and my mom…well, it was a LEAVE. {What?! How can you not like this!?! HA!} But, I decided to share it anyway, because well…you may love it, and I hope you do!
Now, I better start by saying this. My husband and my mom both read my blog {well, they better be anyway!}…and I already know that my mom, in her sweetest voice, will be saying, “Now Brooke…I didn’t say I didn’t like your tree. I just said it wasn’t for ME.” HAHA. But hey- I know my mom, and she didn’t like it…and the thing about it is, I am glad she is so honest with me! Next to my husband, she is for sure my biggest supporter. She is proud of me, she encourages me CONSTANTLY, she is honest with me, and hey…she didn’t like my feather tree! That is why they make chocolate and vanilla 😉
Whether you like traditional Christmas trees or not, I think this one is a great addition to your decor!
So, here is how you make it!
Get a paper mache tree at any craft store {mine came from Hobby Lobby}, 2 bags of feathers {color of your choice- mine are white}, and some hot glue…and you are good to go!
The next step is to simply glue your feathers to your tree. I started at the top and went downward. I simply kept filling in anywhere that looked like it needed to be fuller. {And YES, I burnt the heck out of my finger several times!!} p.s. The modge podge is open because I had thought maybe I could use that for the feathers, but No. That didn’t work.
So…after gluing all of the feathers in both packages {I used both full packages}, you are Done! What do you think?!
So…go ahead. Be honest with me. Love it or Leave it!? For more pictures and Christmas ideas, check out my blog!
Brooke Riley-Re-Fabbed
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  • Gloria Gloria on Nov 13, 2019

    I already have 9 Christmas trees. This one will be #10. I think I'll start attaching the from the bottom up, and hopefully will be able to better see where my fingers and the glue are going! Still, a beautiful job and thanks for the inspiration!

  • Susie Susie on Dec 21, 2019
    I love it, and I would also start from the bottom. I have backyard hens and I can see sticking their feathers in there sparsely to personalize it with a little color. I can see adding some sparkles to edge of feathers as snow.