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For me right now it's all about Christmas in July! I love working on holiday creations this time of year! Less stress and mess, lol! One of my favorite items to use in decor is floral stems. You see them everywhere, especially for the holidays! And usually quite pricey, too! You know there's nothing better than making your own! And you won't believe how simple they are to make! So I'm sharing what I think is an impressive, easy way to create a beautiful floral stem using glittery sheer ribbon and chenille stems.

Materials: 2.5" Wired Ribbon (rose gold)Chenille stems -12" (rose gold)Fabri-Tac fabric glueFloral wire (24 gauge) Wire nylon jaw pliers (wire straightener) Skewer stick/scissorsBeadsFloral tape

Let's start by taking a chenille stem and folding it in half - pinching together in the middle. Then open the stem, curving each side into a petal shape. Next, dip the pointed end of a skewer stick into the fabric glue bottle to get a line of glue along the stick. Remove any excess glue and spread glue onto one side of the chenille stem.

Next, press the point of the chenille stem onto the center of the ribbon, shaping the stem into a petal . . .

smoothing the wire down onto the ribbon. Then glue the other side just like the first, smoothing that side down with the ends of the chenille stem wire touching to form a 6"petal.

Once the glue is dry (a few minutes) cut petal out - cutting under the chenille stem.

Unroll about 8-10" of floral wire to cut off for the petal stem. Use nylon jaw pliers to straighten the wire. Then dip in fabric glue, removing excess glue.

Press wire midway onto center of the back of the petal, smoothing out until secure on ribbon. Now make four more petals, as before, for a total of five large petals.

The smaller petals are made by folding and cutting the chenille stems in half (6") and placing them across the width of the ribbon for less ribbon waste. Create the smaller petals the same way as before.

You will need four petals of the 6" size.

The middle size petals (9") are made by cutting 3" off of the 12" chenille stems and created the same way as before.

You will need five petals of this middle size.

Crystal-like beads are used to make the stamen (center) by cutting five 14" strips of floral wire and folding in half to find the center. Thread the beads on each of the floral wires to the center, twisting the wire in place.

Then group the beaded wires together along with one small petal, wrapping securely together using floral tape.

Add additional petals - one at a time, wrapping each one to the other using floral tape.

Continue adding petals and wrapping with floral tape . . .

until all four small petals are wrapped in floral tape and evenly spaced like a flower.

Next, begin adding the middle sized petals - one at a time - wrapping together with floral tape until . . .

all five of the middle sized petals are attached.

Then add the larger petals, one at a time and evenly spaced, until all five are wrapped.

Continue wrapping all of the wires together until . . .

the stems are covered together in floral tape . . .

into one large stem!

Looks fabulous and . . .

high end!

Simple yet elegant!

Suggested materials:
  • 2.5" Glitter ribbon
  • Glitter chenille stems
  • Fabri-Tac fabric glue
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  • Gloria Gloria on Jul 31, 2021

    Could your method also be used with ribbon that is not wired?

  • Lori Lori on Jul 31, 2021

    why do you need to use wired ribbon when you just cut the wire off? I'm so confused..

  • Erin Erin on Jul 31, 2021

    This would be pretty attached to a simple hat, hair clips, headbands, wedding hair styles, purses, holiday corsages, wedding corsages, boutonnières, etc.

    I can see a prom couple with one in her hair & one on his jacket. Dance recitals and child beauty pageants, birthday celebrants, etc. Mixed into bouquets of real flowers to step up the glitz and anytime you want to make something or someone ‘special’.

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