DIY Origami Christmas Tree

Bharati S
by Bharati S
1 Hour
I will try my best to explain, hopefully photo helps where words fail.All that you need for this project is a square paper and scissor.
Fold the paper diagonally (corner to corner on both side), crease well and unfold.

Fold the paper across, crease well and unfold

Using creases push two corners inside to make a flat square base.
Fold the uppermost outer flaps in, to meet the center line and crease well. Make sure open end is at the bottom. Repeat the same on the other side.
Open the Flaps, Push the Corner inside so that each Flap ends up into two flaps.
It should look something like this
Chop off the bottom Triangle to make it a proper triangle.
using scissor, make slits on either sides.
Fold The individual Cuts in to small Triangles on all 8 sides and you have beautiful Origami Tree ready.
group Pic :)
I wanted a little tall one, so tried one with wrapping paper. Loved the red tree but it was too wide.

so, instead of stopping at the last step as mentioned above, I repeated that step again for every side. That gives you 16 arms instead of 8.
Bharati S
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