DIY Ornament Letter Wreath

Rachel Metz
by Rachel Metz
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30 Minutes
Such an easy way to glam up your front door for this Holiday season! 🎅 I did a “R" for well duh, Rachel and Rodriguez - it worked perfectly! Last year I covered this R in tinsel but this was a major and beautiful upgrade! This cost me nothing because I recycled last years ornaments and the cardboard letter. Crazy right? Supplies would cost around $25-35 depending on the size you are doing. Mine is 2ft tall x 1ft wide!
You will need a cardboard letter of your choice (I got mine at JoAnn's), a lot of hot glue, ornaments and tinsel or ribbon for filler.
Literally all you have to do it hot glue the ornaments on your letter by how they fit and of course, how you like them! This took me about ten minutes because I wanted it to be very random.
I loved building the ornaments upwards by stacking them to give it texture.
Continue to glue until letter is totally covered.
Next - I took tinsel and stapled it around the letter to fluff it up.
I also added some in between some ornaments.
And you're done! Hang up or display wherever your festive heart desires xx.
Video up on my channel now!
Suggested materials:
  • Hot glue   (JoAnn's or Michael's craft stores)
  • Large cardboard letter   (JoAnn's - they have the biggest ones!)
  • Ornaments   (JoAnn's, Michael's & Target)
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