Dollartree Christmas Village Makeover

5 Materials
6 Hours

You will see these cute little village pieces at your local dollartree. What you may not realize is that you can do a makeover on them. I’m going from a bright village to a neutral colored set.

Step one purchase the village pieces

You can purchase as many as you would like. I chose to go with the four different styles. You can tell that they are bright and happy colors. They are made of plastic. Make sure to get a big piece of cardboard or a plastic protector for the ground that they will sit on prior to spraying.

Step two time to spray paint

You will choose a spray paint of your choice. I had red and white on hand. I chose to go with the white. Let it dry for a few hours in the sun if at all possible. Giving it ample time to dry is the key. If I were to change something I would go with a paint and primer next time. That would make covering over it easier.

Step 3 time to use chalk paint

I tried to mix a few colors of acrylic and put it on top of my spray paint. It did not adhere to my spray paint. That is why I tell you to do a paint and primer combo spray paint. With that being said, I chose to use chalk paint over the spray paint and that worked perfectly. It gave it good coverage as well.

Step 4 time to glamour them up

Time to add some glitz to the houses. I used glitter glue and tulips puff glitter. To be honest I like the glitter glue the best. You can find that at your local Walmart.

Step 5 let everything dry

Now I am letting everything dry. If it’s sunny where you are at it will dry a lot quicker. If not put it in a safe dry area in the home for atleast six hours. Make sure it is not tacky for next step.

A close up of the snow and glitter glue

I added snow from the bags at walmart. I put them on when the paint was wet. You can use the glitter glue as the flakes will adhere to it as well.

Final run through

I am really happy with the way that these have turned out. They were a lot of fun to make. Make sure to note the changes that I would now recommend for them. That would be paint and primer spray paint. Just use glitter glue. The puff paint did not make a huge difference. Also I would suggest chalk paint but if you did prime it acrylic should work fine.

To personalize a couple you can write with a black sharpie marker. As seen on mine one says “bed & breakfast and the other is “Tamminnie Designs”. Personalize with your IG handle. I’ve used it on a different makeover so didn’t want to on this one. I hope that you like my makeover. You can always check out more from me on @dreamoakdecor IG

Happy Crafting!

Full picture

Just wanted to share a “still”picture of my completed village.

The before picture of houses

They were bright and cheery looking. Just not my style I was going for with these.

Sharing how pretty

They look so pretty outside you can see all the details with the snow and the glitter glue.


This is my only mishap was using acrylic paint on top of spray paint with no primer.

Primer and paint would work the best if using acrylic. Or using the chalk paint over regular spray paint works great too.

Please enjoy my other creations by following me on here. Dreamoakdecor “IG”

Suggested materials:
  • Plastic village pieces   (Dollartree)
  • Spray paint   (Walmart)
  • Glitter glue   (Walmart)
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