Easy Front Door Christmas Decor

by Dysko7710
3 Materials
30 Minutes
I love snowmen. They are my favorite Christmas decor. And equally, I love ideas that cost me zero dollars! I saw this idea somewhere online, probably pinterest, and did my own variation of it. I turned my front door (on the inside), into a giant snowman, so cute!!
First, I gathered my supplies. I needed black construction paper, orange construction paper, 3 sizes of cups/glasses for tracing circles, and paper I like to use for a scarf. I had all of these on hand already (except for paper to use for the scarf).
I used a small glass bottom to trace circles I would use for the mouth.
I used a larger cup to trace the circles for the buttons.
I used an even larger cup to trace circles for the eyes. I just cut out the triangle nose from the orange construction paper free hand. But, you could draw one first to make sure it is proportionate if you wanted to before just cutting it out.
Here are all of my pieces cut out and ready to go. I just used wide masking tape to tape it all on to my door. It has been up now for 2 weeks, and the wide masking tape has held everything on, even the scarf.
Here he is again, all finished. I did not have any paper I could use to make a scarf, and we have tons of scarves, so I just taped an actual scarf to the door with the same wide masking tape! It has held up for 2 weeks, even with people coming and going, and has not fallen off! I just love how easy this was, and how simple and cute it is!
Suggested materials:
  • Black and orange construction paper   (had on hand)
  • Cups/glasses   (kitchen cupboard)
  • Scarf   (had on hand)
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