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I like to take things that most people would throw away and make something beautiful or useful out of them. When we bought our new house there were a lot of old broken chairs up in the eaves of the out building/barn. Not really knowing what I was going to do with what I found I simply grabbed all these old (but sturdy) chair parts and brought them to my workshop. I used some of them to make an American Flag...but the rest just sat there and I would see them occasionally and think, "One day, I'll make something with some of those."
I gathered a bunch of chair/table parts. I like ones that have some interesting character to them. I scrubbed them all and then laid them out by size.
Usually I only have to sand some to get left over varnish/stain off, but this particular set were quite varnished. And so I had to actually use some stripper to get them clean enough to use. I used a soy based stripper which is AWESOME!! It doesn't stink, does an incredible job, and it was kind to my hands!!
I then decided which ones I would use and I painted them using Unicorn SPiT. I made my own version of a darker green using Unicorn SPiT's Dragonsbelly, Midnight Blackness, and a touch of Blue Thunder.
Next I dry brushed a lighter green over to give it some definition.
The chair piece I planned to use for the hanger I decided I would stencil something on it...after painting it with Molly RedPepper. I couldn't one side got "silver bells'...
and the other side got 'Merry Christmas'. I deliberately used gold because even though it says 'silver' I like things to be interesting. I then gave all the pieces a couple good coats of semi-gloss Spar Urethane...I wanted to make sure it could handle some weather because I wasn't sure where I would be hanging it.
Assembly involved hook eyes, chain, and patience. I started at the top and worked my way down. Some pieces are deliberately crooked and off because no tree is perfectly triangular!! I hung some bells (yes, most are silver) and it's done. Just in time for the Christmas season and I'm sure I'll be enjoying this piece for many years to come!!
Suggested materials:
  • Chair/table pieces
  • Unicorn SPiT
  • Hook eyes and chain
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