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When it comes to December decorating, we like simple and quick! This project meets those two requirements. In this DIY we are making a star with string lights using screws driven into a fence in which the lights are wrapped into a star shape. We are using App Lights from Home Depot, but any lights will work. If you use App Lights, this is a decoration can stay up year round as you can change the color to match the season or holiday.
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We started by driving 5 screws halfway into our wood fence in a star pattern. You can eyeball this or follow the measurements provided.
Position the two bottom screws 17" apart, then 27” up put another screw in the middle, then 11” down, put two screws 27” apart. You can make your star any size.
Now it’s time to wrap the lights around the screws. Start in the left corner and wrap like so.
We are using an iPhone controllable light set called App Lights.
With our phone, we can make the lights any color and add movement. There are lots of themes and effects to choose from.
The app offers many holiday color options, so you could leave these lights up all year round. How about a star for the Forth of July!

If you have a fence, give this a try. (This is actually my (Vicki) A/C enclosure and can be seen well from the street.) The App Lights we used are a bit pricey, so watch for sales or get them after Christmas when they should be half off. We got ours after Christmas last year.
Suggested materials:
  • App Lights   (Home Depot)
  • (5) Wood Screws   (Home Depot)
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