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Julie McGuffee
by Julie McGuffee
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It just isn't a holiday home unless you have at least one twinkling star to greet friends and guests. Made from silver metallic paper foil (or heavy duty aluminum foil), these stars will add a special sparkle and shine to your holiday decorating.
Cut and fold rectangles as shown. You can make any size as long as the length of the rectangle is 4x the height plus 1/2" for overlap.
Use an embossing tool, pencil with a rounded point (not sharp) or a "dead" ball point pen to score lines on the foil as shown. I used a mat with 1" measurements which made it easy to see where to score the lines. Do not add a lot of pressure; don't cut/tear the foil. You'll also need a ruler....
Accordion fold from the outer lines toward the center. Overlap the edges at the back then glue together. Make 10-12.
Add narrow double stick tape down the center and across the bottom of each piece. Remove the backing from each piece then stack 3 or 4 together, making sure sides and bottom are aligned. Starting about 1 1/2" from the bottom, cut diagonally across from the outside edge to the top center to form a point. Continue until all the rectangles are stacked together and cut. Gently pull the top layer up and around to unfold into a circle, then attach the top piece to the back of the bottom piece. Happy Holidays!
Suggested materials:
  • Paper Foil or Heavy duty aluminum foil   (Kitchen)
Julie McGuffee
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  • William William on Nov 19, 2016
    Great project! Almost like Origami. Thanks for the share!

    • Julie McGuffee Julie McGuffee on Nov 19, 2016
      Thanks William. I also have some variations in the works that I'll be sharing on my blog. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Tee Blackwell Tee Blackwell on Mar 23, 2019

    Thank you for this wonderful tutorial, it is very pretty. You should also make videos. People could learn alot easier.