How-to Care for a Fresh Cut Christmas Tree

This year our family had a chance to enjoy a real, fresh cut Christmas Tree for the first time but before my tree arrived I did some research to find out how to care for a fresh Christmas tree and below are some of the tips I found and tried plus a few extras.
First things first, our tree was ordered online and shipped directly to our home via FedEx. We knew the date the tree was cut and the time from it being cut to delivery was less than 3 days so we knew our tree was fresh. If you are buying your tree from a tree lot or store, check the needles by pulling your hand down the limb to see if any needles come off. If they do, avoid this tree and move on.
Once your tree is home and you have sawed off some of the trunk it's time to place your tree into its stand.
Choose a solid stand that is secure. The first stand I bought was awful. The tree fell over twice so we had to go out and buy another stand that would provide a sturdier place for our tree to rest.
Once your tree is securely in your stand, start to unwrap it. Your tree will need some time to relax and for the branches to all fall in to place so don't get discouraged if at first it looks a little less than desirable.
So these are a few tips, but not all, of the ones I shared on the blog. Be sure to stop by and check out the rest plus get a free PDF that you can print out and keep for years to come regarding how to take care of a fresh tree. Also, if you did buy your tree online check out my blog post (link below) for a quick video on how to unbox it. There is a simple trick to make it quick and mess free!
Mary Beth @ The How to Home
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