How to Create a Christmas Tree With Wine Corks

by Inaablue
30 Minutes
A saw a bunch of Christmas trees with wine corks on Pinteres and I was so inspired that I had to make this one.
Corks, hot glue gun, some paint and buttons are the main things you need to create this tree.
If you have a bunch of corks, that you don’t know what to do with, this is an interesting idea that also makes a great Christmas gift!
You can watch video tutorial here! :)
Once you’ve decided how big you want the base of the tree to be, start gluing the corks together.
Begin by positioning your wine corks in a pyramid shape.
Hot glue them together.
Here is what it will look like once glued.
Paint them with the color you like.
When the paint is dry hot glue some buttons .
That was fun! Hope you like it!
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