Lighted Christmas Canvas

Megan Aubrey
by Megan Aubrey
I just love the glow of Christmas lights. The more the better in my book! So I decided to add more to my decor by making a lighted Christmas canvas with a special "Believe" message.
Just turn off the rest of your lights and bask in the lighted Christmas canvas!

16 x 20 white canvas

100 mini-lights

Silver Sharpie

Stencil or sticker with message you want (mine was a multi-pack of stickers that wasn’t necessarily Christmas but I made it work for the holidays)

Something sharp for making holes (like scissors, skewer or the like)

Optional: hot glue gun (I ended up not needing one)
Pick your message (using either stencil or stickers) and decide placement on your canvas. I went classically centered.
Using your silver Sharpie draw snowflakes of various sizes all over your canvas. I started by drawing the dots for placement first and then finished up with the full snowflake.
Really fill up the canvas to make it seem oh so snowy and sparkly!
I tried to make one hundred snow flakes to fit my one hundred mini lights. However, I wasn’t able to use all my snowflakes with lights because they were too close to the wooden frame so add more snowflakes if you want to use all the lights.
Use your sharp object (I used scissors) to make a small hole in the center of the snow flake.
Push your lights through the holes. If you made any holes too big you can use a dab of hot glue to secure the light in place.
Plug it in and you’re done!
Look at the sparkle of silver and lights!
Do you believe?
Where would you put this in your home? Mantel? Bookcase? Wall?
Megan Aubrey
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  • Porland1624 Porland1624 on Feb 26, 2016
    Can I open the holes in revers that way I don' t see the rip of the canvas?

  • Ann Dunlop Ann Dunlop on May 29, 2016
    I made these last year and the lights stick put on the back so much that it can't be hung on a wall. Suggestions??

  • Porland1624 Porland1624 on Jun 09, 2016
    I did my canvas but I can't find the light no were I went home depot big lots wallmart etc etc.and nothing

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