Holiday Hot Cocoa Bar

by Shari
We own a horse farm and run a horse boarding and training business. Each December, just before Christmas, we host a holiday party at our farm for the people who board their horses with us, the riding students, the farriers and farm vets who take care of the horses all year long, as well as all our horsey friends and business acquaintances. Since the weather in December is typically mild here in Florida, we hold the party outdoors, in and around the barns, so the holiday decorations are simple and rustic, the atmosphere is laid back and casual, and the food is potluck.
Last Christmas, I put together a hot cocoa bar that was a HUGE hit with everyone, even though the weather ended up being a bit warm for hot cocoa. I received so many nice compliments during the party, as well as notes of appreciation for all the work I put into it afterwards.
The hot cocoa was made and served in a crock pot and a variety of items was offered to mix into or add on top of the hot cocoa.
A "menu" of all the hot cocoa add-ons was created on the computer, printed out, put into a simple, rustic wood frame, then propped up on the table so everyone could easily read all the offerings available. The choices for hot cocoa add-ons are basically endless. It was so much fun coming up with ideas, I could have easily offered at least a dozen more items but I had to rein myself in!
My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed making chocolate spoons for the hot cocoa bar one afternoon before the party.
This was the crock pot hot cocoa recipe I used but I doubled the recipe. It was so delicious, only a spoonful was left at the end of the party!
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