Illuminated Christmas Staircase Swag

Amanda C, Hometalk Team
by Amanda C, Hometalk Team
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Who doesn't love a good Christmas garland? I know that the fresh stuff is messier and you can't use it every year, but I can't pass it up! It looks SO good and smells good to boot! With that in mind I decided to construct staircase swag with some fresh garland and lights! By adding some battery powered lights, ribbon, some dried greenery such as eucalyptus, dusty miller, and juniper berries, any staircase can be dressed for the holidays!
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Here is a shot of the stairs before things got festive!
SUPPLIES: -Battery Powered Lights -Glittery Strands -Pre-Tied Garland -Various Dried Greens (Eucalyptus / Juniper Branches / Dusty Miller) -Floral Wire -Scissors -Zip Ties (As big as needed for the size of your banister... I used 11") -Variety of Ribbons

STEP 1: Add lights to the garland Wrap your lights around your strand of garland. Wrap them so they are somewhat concealed under the branches, but can still shine through.
STEP 2: Secure it to your banister Take your light wrapped garland and zip tie it to several spots on the banister of your staircase. I used 3 zip ties. One on each end and one in the middle. I made sure to allow my swag to swoop between each tie versus keeping it straight and tight to the railing. (You will see what I mean below)
STEP 3: Get rid of excess leaves When you get to the end of the banister you can simply cut any excess of the garland off.
STEP 4: (Optional: Weave glitter strands into it) Take some glittery strands and wrap them around the garland loosely. This step just adds a touch of glitz, but isn't necessary.
STEP 5: Cut several long strips of wire to secure your greens to the garland Take a variety of branches from your extra greens and bunch them together. Then place them along the garland all along the staircase and attach them with the cut pieces of wire by wrapping them around the greens and garland. You will have to repeat this several times until the entire garland has greens incorporated. Be sure to use them to cover any wires from the lights. Another thing to keep in mind is that if some of the wire is showing from when you attach the greens you can cover it with the leaves from the next greens you tie to the garland.
STEP 6: Cut several very long strands of ribbon Tie them around the banister over top of the zip ties to conceal them.
STEP 7: Tie the ribbon Loop them into bows and allow the tails to cascade over the garland and or staircase.
STEP 8: Clean up all the pine needles and ribbon strips
It was beautiful enough without the lights, but they did add a nice touch and will certainly give it a cozy feel at night.
You can of course add some color with some colorful ribbon or some holly berries, but I decided to keep it classic.
I decided to take it up the entire staircase since I had such a long strand of garland and lights. It's like a nice little surprise when you come around the corner.
I had to get a close up shot to show you all the beautiful detail with all those added greens. Trust me it makes all the difference to add all that goodness versus just putting up a plain garland.
Suggested materials:
  • Fresh Garland   (Home Depot)
  • Eucalyptus   (Trader Joe's)
  • Juniper Branches   (Home Depot)
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  • Equ13024608 Equ13024608 on Dec 05, 2017
    Amanda, you did it again! Just classic! I agree , fresh greens are much better than faux garland... but I have no luck finding the fresh greens except for the soft pine.. where would I get the dusty Miller and eucalyptus leaves?? At a florist shop I guess???
    What kind of ribbons did you use? You are just so talented!!🌲🌿

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  • Linda Abate Linda Abate on Dec 05, 2017
    Very pretty. Love how you incorporated a variety of fresh greens to make your stairway garland. Surely is the calming smell of Christmas.

  • Dl.5660408 Dl.5660408 on Dec 05, 2017
    Love the delicate use of color and those bows! I always enjoy the beautiful things that you create