Christmas Decorating Without Breaking The Bank

Brenna Morgan
by Brenna Morgan
Christmas decorating can cost a lot of money if you aren't careful. Here are 10 tips on how to do your Christmas decorating on a budget.
Who doesn't love decorating for Christmas? It is one of my most favorite things to do. Transforming my home into an inviting winter wonderland brings me joy. Seeing many of the items that hold special memories, but are packed away for most of the year, stirs up so many wonderful emotions. However, I am prone to boredom. Seriously. I can't use the same stuff year, after year, after year..... after year. Buying new items every year can get pricey. So here are some tips for changing it up and doing your Christmas decorating without breaking the bank.

10 Ways To Do Christmas Decorating Without Breaking The Bank

1. Reinvent what you already have. Take a look around your house and see what you can use and make it look Christmas-y. For example, I have gathered up a bunch of mercury glass I had around the house and grouped it together to make a festive Christmas display.

2. Don't use the same stuff every year. This doesn't mean buy new stuff every year. It just means that you should curate and rotate. Maybe the garland you put over the front door last year would look great cascaded down the stair case. Or the red and white scheme you used last year would look good with some gold thrown in this time. You can keep stuff put away and add new or just move things around.

3. Get creative and think outside the box. This year I wrapped my mantel in wrapping paper. (more on that later). I got the wrapping paper for half price after the holiday last year. I used two rolls to wrap the mantel and it cost me $5.
4. Shop a year ahead. Keep in mind what you may want to do differently next year. Then rock the post-Christmas sales!

5. Remember the saying "someone else's trash..."? Well, take it to heart. Some of my best decorating has come from fabric scraps or ribbon scraps that someone said they didn't want. Or extra tree trimmings from someone's oversize, real Christmas tree. I have grabbed branches out of someones trash. Shhhh.... don't tell
6. Ornaments aren't just for the tree. Use them in garland or just on a table top. Fill glass jars with them. And never underestimate the power of simple glass ball ornaments. They come in every color and can make your decor pop for not a lot of $$.

7. One word - candles. Candles can make anything special. And in red and green and white, they are the perfect festive holiday decor. Group some tapers together in different sized holders or line them up on a table or mantel or bookcase. Viola! Decor on the cheap!

8. Ribbon helps to deck the halls. Rolls of ribbon can become garland or be made into bows. They can make gifts prettier and more special. Ribbon can accentuate a color scheme without having to buy all new ornaments to match. And they can usually be purchased for $10 or less.
9. Go au naturelle! Use nature in your decor. It's free! Collect pinecones. Snip some branches from the holly bush. Poinsettias and Paperwhites and Amaryllis - all are gorgeous and affordable.

10. Set a limit and stick to it! It is fun to buy new holiday items and decorate it up! But we all know how quickly it adds up. Make sure you have a budget and don't stray from it. It will just make you feel bad and not in the Christmas spirit.
Brenna Morgan
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  • Smk1442994 Smk1442994 on Nov 27, 2015
    Super tips !!! Your house looks so lovely. You really know how to beautifully decorate on a budget. Thanx for the share.

  • Paula Walsh Paula Walsh on Dec 06, 2015
    Very good advice about sticking to a budget for decorations. Just pick things up on sale thru out the year. Just remember where you put them come time to decorate.