IOD Stamps and How to Use Them!

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IOD are so much fun, and add a perfect touch of design they come wrapped in 2 sheets of plastic. What you want to do is take it out, flip it over (the black is the back) and peel the layer of plastic off, this plastic layer sticks really well so it may take some work, its okay if your plastic wrinkles so don’t be afraid if that is what you are finding.

I you don’t have a stamp “block” to stick your stamps to, you can use the back of the plastic sheet, this is called “Freestyle Stamping”, this is also great if you are stamping onto surfaces that are not flat.

These cling stamps stick really well onto the plastic, they take a bit to peel them off so take your time, but don’t worry the stamps are very durable.

You can mount the stamp on the piece of plastic that you peeled off the top. Stick the back onto the plastic sheet so the face of the stamp is facing up! Take your paint and small brush, with a very little amount of paint and paint onto the face of the stamp. We suggest that you do paint and stamp a practice stamp before you apply your final stamp. A little practice with these stamps makes perfect! 

Once our paint is applied to the stamp, push the face of the stamp with the paint on it directly to the surface of your object you are stamping, lift the stamp up and you will have a beautiful design stamped with IOD.

You can get about 2 to 3 stamps from one application of paint, some people like the look of the second stamped design (a little lighter amount of paint)!

These stamps are very easy to keep clean, just a little soap and water will remove the oils, dust, dirt clean them properly, this will help them retain their cling. 

Merry and Bright sign Stamped By: Bridge G Johnson at Courtney's Gifts and Furniture Painting!

Suggested materials:
  • Dixie Belle Paint - Honky Tonk Red   (
  • Dixie Belle Paint - Dixie Belle Blue   (
Dixie Belle Paint Company
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