Minimal & Modern DIY Wall Christmas Tree (For Windows Too!)

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If you don't have the room for a regular Christmas tree or don't have the budget this year, then our DIY Wall Christmas Tree might be your perfect holiday solution. Obviously you can do this on a large window as well. Which is what we did! Made from firefly, or fairy lights (which are different from regular string lights) it’s pretty, space saving, inexpensive, and a real show stopper. You can use it as your main tree, or as a budget friendly way to add additional trees throughout the house. Or, you can do like we did, and put it in the window to share with the neighborhood!

You need a couple of supplies to get your tree up!

Command Hooks / Decorating Clips (They can be used on both windows and walls, and release after the holiday with no damage.)

Be sure and  Visit Our Blog for the complete step by step tutorial and for more details and specifics!

Firefly Lights or Fairy Lights. They are basically 2 different names for the same thing. These are different from regular string lights in that they are on a thin copper wire, which allows them to bend around the hooks. Also, they are very difficult to see during the day, which is great, especially if you do this in a window. We used a large, 300 foot string that we had already from a previous project, and just ran it back and forth several times. Use a smaller string if you prefer. And of course it depends how large of a Christmas tree that you are doing. Amazon has a huge selection.

So the first thing you will want to do is to mark where you want the top of the tree, whether it be on the wall or window. Then mark the bottom outer two edges, using a measuring tape to make sure they are equidistant away from each other. Use painters tape to create a template for the tree shape. We chose to place our tape just slightly outside the marks to allow room for the hooks. Notice the tape doesn’t meet at the top of the tree.

Now mark your tape where you want each hook to live. We went every 3 inches. You may want more or less depending on the length of your light string, and the look you want.

Place your Command hooks at each mark, following the directions on the package. We pointed the hooks sideways, facing outward so that the tension of the string of lights would push against the hook. Later we realized we could have just put the hooks upright, and then it would have been easier to attach the ornaments that we added later.

This photo gives you a great overall view of how the base for this wall tree (on a window!) should look, and things are probably making a lot more sense now. And remember that all these instructions apply to a DIY wall Christmas tree as well. We just didn’t have enough wall space and we had these nice big windows that we thought would work well.

Now start at the bottom of the tree, and wind your fairy lights back and forth between the hooks. We repeated it several times, both because our string a was super long, and because it gave a brighter glow. Remember, these lights have a wire “cord” so that they bend easily and hold their shape.

Once we got it up and lighted, we were in love. This modern Christmas tree idea is pretty darn perfect. Except, something was missing…

We added some red mini glass balls we got at IKEA. It needed a nod to Christmas tradition with a dash of red!

So, we love this light tree. Love it. It takes up no floor space at all, and when you place it in a window, it doubles as outdoor Christmas decor too!

Get complete details on our blog. Stop by and check it out!

Suggested materials:
  • 3m Command Decorating Clips   (Amazon)
  • Firefly / Fairy Lights   (Amazon)
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  • Diane Reimer Lockwood Diane Reimer Lockwood on Dec 15, 2021

    I got rid of battery lights and switched to electric. They use a USB plug. I got tired of buying loads of batteries that don’t last long

  • Terri perry Terri perry on Dec 15, 2021

    Just a comment, great job! Looks amazing! Perfect for small spaces!

  • Leslie Leslie on Dec 16, 2021

    Hi Kathy & Steve, THIS is the best decoration / tree like this that I have seen. It is minimal not "in your face" easy to do and shows beautifully. Thank you for sharing your idea. I have one question please and hope you don't mind it but how do you handle being so close to the other condos so that the other owners can see into your home so easily. That would rattle me big time. I owned a condo in Florida and we weren't that close but the bedroom windows that faced the other buildings and the parking lot I sprayed half of the window (s) with frosted spray which did help.

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