Asked on Dec 05, 2015

Any outdoor Christmas decorating ideas for small front porch/stoop?

Patrici Cannon
by Patrici Cannon
I have a long sloping side walk leading to the front of the house, the porch is small, it is more like a stoop. There are no pillars, there is a flower bed on each side. I will add pictures later.
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Dec 05, 2015
    You can put artificial christmas flowers in your flower beds to start. Garland and a wreath around the door.If possible add lights around the door as well. After you post the pictures I can suggest more.

  • Ashley Hudson Ashley Hudson on Dec 05, 2015
    what about wall décor? I make more like door hangers, but use some on the side of my house because I have a small porch anything I put below the railing is hard to see or makes the porch look cluttered. I also make my own pallet snowmen, about 3 ft high, and put them in my flower bed!

  • Dana Sue Reddish Dana Sue Reddish on Dec 05, 2015
    I would buy a second hand wreath from a thrift store and some cute baskets and dress them up with $ store ribbon. i would never put fake flowers in my flower beds.

  • Duv310660 Duv310660 on Dec 05, 2015
    Well, w/o pictures I can still answer you with design theory: if you have a small space that you want to make look larger/grander/brighter/more welcoming, don't fill it up with things - frame it out to be larger than it really is! Use light to make the pathway widen as it rolls down the slope; use boughs/bamboo/guidewires/old bifold doors to frame/define your space beyond its usual borders (think how a small picture might have a elegantly large mat between it and it's frame). Think about what kind of light you have - they don't 'fill in space' and do the job at night, too - and how you might support them to enlarge your stoop: cedar rails, stakes, haybails,etc.. In California, we used to follow the Mexican tradition of filling small brown bags partway with sand and anchoring a candle inside to line the pathway to our door. This gave off a beacons of beautifully golden flickering light, but I confess now I wonder why they never caught fire! Why not crinkle the sac, roll down the top and use some of that mod-podge "hard" to make something that looks simple but is more permanent? A nice piece of ribbon fastening a realistc plastic poinsettia might bring it up to holiday speed. Use wind chimes in the higher areas of your frame to give another dimension of the experience to folks who come to your door. Think simple, but bigger!

  • Arlene Fitzpatrick Arlene Fitzpatrick on Dec 06, 2015
    If you have poles/posts -- use gutter pipes or plumber's pipes to make large "candy canes" -- just wrap with bright red ribbon -- major impact for little $$