Asked on Oct 12, 2016

Christmas tree cross for Christmas

by Shirley
I am looking for easy ideas for how to make one. I'm very new at making stuff. I want to do this with my new husband for our first year of marriage .
q christmas tree cross for christmas, christmas decorations, I am looking to make this for my condo this year any ideals my first thought is 2x4 and chicken wire wrap it get some greener to put around it than lights Any other ideals on how to make this beautiful In my beach condo
I am looking to make this for my condo this year any ideals my first thought is 2x4 and chicken wire wrap it get some greener to put around it than lights . Any other ideals on how to make this beautiful . In my beach condo
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  • Margaret Margaret on Oct 13, 2016
    This is very beautiful and creative.

  • Sophia,M.,McConnery Sophia,M.,McConnery on Oct 13, 2016
    You are asking how to make one of these?2 X 4 or 4 X 4 planks,in 8 foot lengths.Go to Michael's or some other craft store and pick up the fake tree runners.Put it on using a staple gun.Put up decorations!

    • Thank you so much these instructions I've been killing myself trying to find where an actual tree like this would be so now I'm going to make myself one for this Christmas thank you so much and happy holidays

  • Shirley Shirley on Oct 13, 2016
    No do you think that would be a good ideal just looking for situation on how to make it look like pic

  • Roland fauth Roland fauth on Oct 13, 2016
    What about at a home center buying styrofoam beams that you can put on the ceiling

  • Terry Wheeler Scarlett Terry Wheeler Scarlett on Oct 13, 2016
    Looks like it's made by 2x4's wrapped in fake garland. Probably in a large 5 gallon bucket or box covered in burlap. Seems simple enough to make and decorate I love it by the way. Good luck.

  • None None on Oct 13, 2016
    You could also use something like chicken wire to form the cross which would make it lighter. Then add the artificial garland and lights. It's a beautiful idea and what a memorable thing for a first year of marriage!

  • Sheri Sheri on Oct 13, 2016
    We have a cross similar to this at our church. It is constructed of landscape timbers and covered with chicken wire. The base is an "X" made of wood. We use it at Easter covered with fresh flowers and at Christmas with greenery.

  • Jody Conner Jody Conner on Oct 13, 2016
    foam insulation in layers for a base then spray paint it whatever color then lights, etc probably 20.00

  • Susan Bechamp Susan Bechamp on Oct 13, 2016
    A framework of chicken wire wrapped in evergreen garlands with mini lights would look good. I would not be too heavy for storage if made to be dismantled easily. Since it would be mostly hollow inside you could add your favorite scented sachets hidden among the garlands. Wire in some pinecones and other decorative bits. Try a tabletop size first to see if you like it. Then go to full size as you work out what you like and what you don't.

  • Sandra Allen Sandra Allen on Oct 13, 2016
    I googled it and got tons of ideas, even making small ones with pennies. When you find the idea you want, click on the photo and it will take you to the page. Have fun!!

    • Jane Jane on Oct 14, 2016
      Right now there are lots of artificial Christmas trees at thrift stores available inexpensively. Instead of garland the branches of the artificial tree can be threaded into the chicken wire. I think this would look much more realistic. It's how I would try it.

  • Glenda Glenda on Oct 13, 2016
    I would look at Hobby Lobby for evergreen swags (with coupon in hand), possibly even ones with lights attached. Then I would look for a paper maché form as a base. I'd paint it the evergreen color. If they didn't have, you may be able to build one from scrap lumber. Good luck! I'm sure it will be lovely.

  • Patricia Patricia on Oct 13, 2016
    As the saying goes, "To each his own", but for me a cross represents the death of Jesus whereas a star represents the birth of Jesus. I just can't wrap my head around a cross at Christmas time unless it is some boughs of greenery, etc. added to a cross that is inside a church or the home. When I see houses with a lighted cross outside as a Christmas decoration, it just doesn't seem to fit....just me....just saying....

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    • Hello Hello on Dec 16, 2019

      Trees are sun god worship rituals . He said don’t do as the heathen pagons do. I don’t do Christmas. He gave us days to go by. Anyway . The cross is a awesome idea. And it represents the sacrifice he was born to make for us. Our only ticket to heaven. We love the cross daily. It fits perfect. His birth didn’t get us into heaven and escape hell. His death did this. But he lives He’s not dead. At all. My 2 cents too

  • F H Young F H Young on Nov 06, 2016
    Prune the tree back and wrap the more flexible branches that are left around the main trunk. Leave a few branches tied together to make the cross. Use florists tape or braid the branches together. Use leftover branches to make a small wreath. Personally I like the cross tree for Rememberance Day when most Canadians honor the veterans and those who died serving their country. Cover the cross with red poppies.