Asked on Feb 04, 2015

Red Christmas tree

Ruth james
by Ruth james
I have ALWAYS wanted a red tree, smallish, maybe 4 or 5 ft. They are so expensive new (even on holiday clearance) and I can't pay the $ for retail whimsy. How can I make one, from maybe, an old one?
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  • Julie Little Julie Little on Feb 04, 2015
    Try using red spray paint made for plastic. Spray the tree upright then hang it upside down and spray again. I've done this to get a gold tree and it worked pretty great. Doesnt store well but looked great

  • Darla Darla on Feb 04, 2015
    Get a lot of red tinsel garland from the dollar store and wire it to a tomato cage or old artificial tree. It might even look good with a real tree or branch as a frame!

  • Linda J Linda J on Feb 04, 2015
    I agree with Julie. Spray paint will work, however, it is a slow process to do it well. Spray very light coats. Let it dry completely. Spray again and so on till the tree is sufficiently covered. Turn it every which way during this process. If you spray too thick it will look awful and will goop up the little things that make it look like pine branches. Ask me how I know! I store mine in a clothing box I bought at Budget Truck Rental. Take out the clothes bar then you can put the whole tree in there. Of course, they are only about 4.5 feet tall. Buy a tree to fit. BTW, Big Lots had pine and turquoise trees this year. Maybe red next year!!

  • Ruth james Ruth james on Feb 04, 2015
    Interested in more stories especially from people who have actually made a red tree

  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Feb 05, 2015
    As suggested, think I'd try spraying it. Really like the idea of a red tree - it will be a show stopper.. (My daughter wanted a black tree one Christmas. Her husband was horrified and squashed the idea outright.. Asked her, "What would you use for the topper - the Angel of Death?").

  • Cynthia E Cynthia E on Feb 05, 2015
    I have painted a Christmas tree before did not do red did different colors but same principal, you can do it 1 of several ways -- if its a prelit tree use masking tape and cover each bulb only completely with either paint paint from either upside down or top first and then turn over to paint other side, take your time. a. Spray paint - use light coats after each coat dries run hands along branches to fluff needles. After finished with one side and reversing and doing other side when both dry use an indoor/outdoor matte (unless you want high gloss then go for it) spray shellac and seal the paint. b.) using craft paint or chalk paint (can use a diy chalk paint recipe with red shades you choose) in either just 1 or 2 up to 3,shades of red , take a small sponge or foam brush (remove handle) and wearing gloves apply the paint in thin layers -- dab lightly down branches and on needles pull them from top to bottom in between lightly loaded paint on sponge/foam brush head. after dry again fluff needles , keep building paint up this way until have full coverage on both sides , and if using more than 1 color , use darkest color base 1-3 coats, then when starting with next shade dont go to base of needles but 1/4 to 1/2 way from bottom to run next color on needles on both sides before going to next shade and so on to lightest shade using, Again spray shellac both sides lightly fluffing needles lightly when each coat is completely dry c.) using more than 1 shade a different way is to have different sponges/ foam part of brush for each shade (use darkest for branch regardless) first paint branches both sides until full coverage. then using each color mix the shades randomly up and down the branches for variation. do same way as above until have full coverage and seal.d.) Metallic red spray paint will give another unique look def. use high gloss sealer with a metallic . With a red metallic you could add any color Gold, silver, bronze metallic you wanted e) craft/chalk paints-- you could use small detail brushes to apply the paints to needles and branches, but this way will take probably at earliest a month to finish although would give much more control if using more than 1 color on variations/graduations of color. -- maybe just tips or scattered needles. for a different look. If was pre lit and taped off then remove tape after sealer has dried. Be sure and paint light cords when painting needles and branches. Each way of painting and type of paint will give you its own unique look and sealing paint will let it store better. Good luck and be sure and post a picture of your finished tree can't wait to see it.

  • Nola Baker-Ramirez Nola Baker-Ramirez on Feb 06, 2015
    I was dating a Harley Davidson 'nut' for awhile. To surprise him at Christmas, I bought an artificial tree and spray painted it orange. I used many H-D ornaments mingled in with plain, round, black and silver ornaments and shiny silver garland. He was so surprised he was speechless. I must say it was unusually stunning for what it was! Spend the extra money to use a good brand of spray paint. The tree lasted much longer than the relationship! LoL!