Asked on Jan 10, 2017

Christmas Village Set Up Help Please!!!

by Kaye
Hi, I have a lovely Lefton Christmas village that unfortunately doesn't always get put out due to room. I would love ideas for a easy collapse stand that can be set up each year and put away with the set. No step ladders please as the pieces are heavy.

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  • Kaye Kaye on Jan 10, 2017
    Thanks will check out!

  • Gin16824790 Gin16824790 on Jan 11, 2017
    Hi Kaye,I have a Christmas village that expands every year. I don't have pics right now (as I'm playing at work), but I take 1/2" plywood, 2 pieces each about the size of the top of a card table, and put them together with a piano hinge. When opened the hinge will be at the bottom. On the bottom, for each corner (8 corners) put furniture leg attachment plates so you can screw in the legs. You'll need to get materials for legs, of course. I also drill 2" holes with a hole saw in the top of the platform so the cords run down to power strips (which can also be attached to the platform). I've built mine at about counter height and now have 5 of them that are put together next to each other in a rectangle, square, etc. Once it's all together I have a large piece of fabric with a Christmas theme that I put around it attached with thumbtacks. I store all the boxes underneath the platform while it's up. When it's up it is sturdy. When I take it down all tops fold into nice flat pieces that are easily stored, and the legs unscrew and are also easily stored in the Christmas wrapping paper bag.

  • Kathy Fleming Kathy Fleming on Jan 22, 2017
    I'm strapped on room for my village also. I disperse it around different places in my house. I have different little village setups in just about every room.

  • Mikki Berkowitz Mikki Berkowitz on Feb 16, 2017
    Since the first Christmas with my (now, after 24 years of being together) husband, I have purchased for him a Lenox 'Grinch' (his favorite Xmas character)each year :) We now put up our 'Grinch Village' each holiday season. Along with all of the 'characters', I purchased some lighted houses, churches, etc. We put a couple of glass blocks to hold up some inexpensive white shelving on our buffet. I cover the shelving with 'snow' blankets, add candles, and the whole thing looks great during the holidays, and is easily packed up and stored. I'm in the process of trying to recoup all of my files from a failed tablet (AARRGGHH!), so as soon as I've done so, I'll add pix of our favorite holiday decoration. Thought you could use the 'put-it-up-take-it-down' philosophy. I change out my décor 4-6 times during the year, as my personality needs me to feel 'in the season', no matter the outside temps - especially here in AZ! (Yes, my friends call me weird, but love the changes.) Hope this helped, and will send photos.

    • Nancy Carlson Nancy Carlson on Feb 23, 2017
      You are among friends here. We (at least I) don't think you're weird!
      And the Grinch village sounds wonderful.

  • Susan Cote Susan Cote on Feb 21, 2017
    I have seen where someone decorated a collapsible ladder with greenery and bows and put boards increasing in size on each step and then decorated the boards with snow to display their village. Looked very pretty

  • Kaye Kaye on Feb 22, 2017
    Thanks for all the feedback, now to try them!