Recycled Pallet Christmas Tree and Something Really Cool!

One of my passions in life is to rescue items - any items from the landfill. I'm not really even sure when that interest started, but it's sure hard to turn it off. BY THE WAY!!!
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I've been really busy this year, and as a blogger, at Christmas time...being behind is NOT a good thing. I haven't...and may not get my regular tree up, because of space and other things. I began to think about an that wouldn't be so overwhelming in my busy crazy house this year.
I grabbed a pallet...and gave myself a shabby cottage farmhouse Christmas tree that can go virtually flat against the wall.
There are lots of "items" in this vignette that are up coming'm just showing how I made the tree.
I've decided this shabby little Christmas tree from a recycled pallet, my be the only tree I put up this year.
When picking the bit for the lights, make sure that it is just a bit bigger than the bulb...and a bit smaller than the socket. This way the light doesn't go all the way through the pallet and dangle out of the front.
Cut the basic tree shape in your pallet....removing two or three of the slats at the bottom for the trunk
Cut the slats so that they angle upwards. Similar the the red lines in this picture. I drilled my holes first, and then realized I had forgotten this do that...cut them first...then drill! lol
After drilling the holes for the lights, from the back take the drill and lean it slightly to one side..maybe'll have to experiment. What you want is the socket to go partially into the drill holes, but not all the way.
See how the holes look "wallowed" a bit...but not all the way through
A rustic star for a topper
I used scraps of this and that for accessories.
I love these old rustic hooks. This smaller one is just perfect for hanging my wreath.
I will be showing how to make the other elements and the painting technique in a different tutorial.
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