Metallic Tree Hangers

Numbered metal clips hold small satchels filled with treats. Get tutorial here

Numbered Chalkboard Ornaments

With these 24 charming chalkboard ornaments, you get to add a decoration to your tree every day. Get tutorial here

5. Plastic Toys on Boxes

Fill your mantel with an arrangement of stacked brown boxes topped with red-nosed toys. Get tutorial here

Roll-Down Numbered Ribbon

Unravel more bright red ribbon into your decor as the days pass and your counter gets longer. Get tutorial here

Printable Chalkboard Tree

Print this sweet chalkboard-style tree, and cover it in paper ornaments as the day's pass. Get tutorial here

Cut Candy Calendar

This sweet setup uses bright candy in cut out winter shapes to count down December. Get tutorial here

Record and Clothespin Hanger

Each night have your child take down a number card and trade it in for a gift or treat. Get tutorial here

Magnetic Tree Treat Boxes

Instead of filling a blank wall, use these to cover and count down on your fridge! Get tutorial here

Bible Verse Hanging

Share the verse with your family, and then flip it to the jeweled side - one day closer! Get tutorial here

Bookcase Countdown

Count off the nights by reading holiday stories with your family! Get tutorial here

Colorful Bucket Board

Turn an empty frame into this festive and fun gift-centric counter, with buckets & envelopes. Get tutorial here

Shabby Chic Tree Stand

You'll want to bring this gorgeous tree hanger back every year! Get tutorial here

Hanging Envelopes

Using a hanger, make a counter that holds tasty treats and fun holiday activity ideas. Get tutorial here

Bottle Crate Countdown

A vintage bottle crate is practically made to be a small gift advent calendar. Get tutorial here

Old Door Calendar

Use an old door to hang your colorful numbered ornament display, and take one down a night. Get tutorial here

Planked Tree Treat Hanger

This stunning idea holds parcels as well as bright ornaments, so you'll end up with decor! Get tutorial here

Pocket Shoe Organizer

Hang a 24 pocket organizer on bright red wool, to start off your counter. Get tutorial here

Family Fun Counting Sign

Add tiny clothespins to a wooden board and paint your family name across the top - stunning! Get tutorial here

Chalkboard and Ornament Countdown

As you count, tie an ornament over each number. Use the brightest for Christmas day! Get tutorial here

His & Hers Drawers

Make a matching set of ‘His & Hers’ drawer counters, so you and your significant other can take turns counting. Get tutorial here

Bead Christmas Counter

Just slide the beads over the wire until you reach the final red bead — that’s Christmas! Get tutorial here

Mommy’s Advent Calendar

This countdown will give mom a treat she can appreciate after everyone’s gone to bed. Get tutorial here

Tissue Paper Ornament Counter

Your kids can punch through the thin film to reveal the secret treat inside each ornament. Get tutorial here

Wooden Tree Counter

With clothespins, this wooden tree becomes the perfect place to hang two dozen numbered bags. Get tutorial here

Framed Metal Buckets

This designer look has tiny buckets to hold Christmas ornaments for your tree each day. Get tutorial here

Envelopes with Painted Dinosaurs

Top off each numbered envelope with a colorful, inexpensive toy - it's a double gift! Get tutorial here

Hanging Mason Jar Lids

This tiny mason jar lid tree is perfect! Flip the lids as each day passes. Get tutorial here

Upcycled Window Calendar

To keep track of the days, make a sticky glittering snowflake to cover one day at a time. Get tutorial here