Surround Your Tree with a Fence

Using a simple store bought fence, set up a tiny perimeter around your tree to keep curious guests out. Get tutorial here

Make a Charming Wood Scrap Crate

Inside this wooden box is a bucket filled with concrete and a PVC pipe stand. Talk about secure! Get tutorial here

Use an Extra Piece of Furniture to Ground It

Turn an extra side table into the ideal stand to keep fingers and paws off the tree. Get tutorial here

Wrap Your Own Basket with Rope

Wrap a cardboard box in rounds of rope with hot glue to create a stunning and secure basket. Get tutorial here

Put Your Tree in a Galvanized Tub

Cut the bottom off a heavy tub, top it off with thick rope, and set it around your tree. Get tutorial here

Make a Huge Gift Using a Box and a Throw

Wrap a box in a chunky throw and surround the base with faux snow - it's Santa style! Get tutorial here