Tie a stunning bow out of ribbon

This Christmas tree topper is the icing on the cake for all your decor this year. Get tutorial here

Flock your tree with fake snow

Even if you don’t decorate your tree, it will look Christmas ready with this one thing. Get tutorial here

Cut cardboard into a shimmering gold star

You’ll love placing this on the top of your tree. Get tutorial here

Lay on this no-sew fur tree skirt

Your tree will look stunning and put together by covering it up with something like this. Get tutorial here

Twist twinkle lights throughout the branches

Who doesn’t get happy just by looking at twinkle lights? Get tutorial here

Spray paint your branches for a snowy look

This is an easy and simple way to flock your tree, without actually doing it. Get tutorial here

Use wire and paper to make a Christmas flower

This is the perfect idea for people who don’t want to go out to try and find one. Get tutorial here

Hang dried orange slices and cloves

They’re similar to ornaments, but they’ll make your tree smell delicious. Get tutorial here