Use mod podge and salt to make luminaries

That snowflake stencil is bound to make you think of a white Christmas. Get tutorial here

Make snowglobes without any water

Glue your favorite figurines and use snow powder for these adorable jar decorations. Get tutorial here

Use stickers and shapes for a Christmas theme

Whether Christmas lights, presents, or socks, these jars are perfect for holiday decor. Get tutorial here

Turn your green jars into a Christmas tree

With some lights and a few flurries, this would look fabulous on any porch. Get tutorial here

Wrap fluffy yarn into frosted candles

Don’t these candles look like they are covered in fluffy white snow? Get tutorial here

Paint them into candle holders

Use a stencil for these adorable Christmas jar lights. Get tutorial here

Add some miniatures for a festive scene

These almost look like snow globes, they’re so cute. Get tutorial here

And use sand and epson salt for fake snow

These jars look adorable with all the holiday decor. Get tutorial here

Glue on some cute embellishments

Fill it with bath salts and you’ve got a great gift, but you might want to keep it for yourself. Get tutorial here

Make floating candles with cranberries

Add some water for the easiest and prettiest candles this holiday season. Get tutorial here

Create mini snowglobes with tiny trees

Perfect for your fairy garden, or even for your home decor. Get tutorial here

Create a place for your gingerbread men

With this simple silhouette, your plain jar turns into the best candy or cookie jar. Get tutorial here