Make a porch topiary with large ornaments

This porch display only looks expensive - stack large ornaments on a wooden dowel to flank your front door. Get tutorial here

Hang icicle ornaments to add wintery charm

Whether you choose to flock or not, adding hanging icicle-style ornaments will give your tree that fresh chilly feel. Get tutorial here

Try an untraditional tree color for a POP!

The next time you pass a crazy colored tree, remember: the right lights and decor can make it pop like nothing else! Get tutorial here

Shop for your wreath at the Dollar Store

Even the cheapest looking fake evergreen wreath can look gorgeous covered top to bottom in glittery Dollar Store finds. Get tutorial here

Set a Christmas scene with foamboard

Painted large pieces of foam board to make a snowy background for your tiny Christmas village. Get tutorial here

Paint a bottle white for Santa's snack set-up

If you love leaving out a display of milk and cookies for Santa but you'd rather not leave food out, try this! Get tutorial here

Make shining garlands with gelt wrappers

Drape your home in $0 Hanukkah decorations by turning the foil wrappers from chocolate gelt into metallic garlands. Get tutorial here

Dress up glass votives with greenery

Those glass candle holders are everywhere. Using bits of greenery or inexpensive decor, make your sparkle for Christmas. Get tutorial here

Create your own scrap wood snowmen

Every winter home can use some low-cost porch decor, so why not turn some extra scrap wood into adorable snowmen. Get tutorial here

Turn extra and old ornaments into wreaths

If you find cheap ornaments, use a wire hanger to make a shining wreath that will instantly change your door or mantel. Get tutorial here

Turn found pallets into colorful trees

Make mini Christmas trees from pallets for totally free outdoor or indoor embellishments. Dress them easily with paint. Get tutorial here

Use toys to decorate your tree on the cheap

What are toys if not detailed ornaments, anyway? Use plastic animals or figurines for a cute & easy tree design. Get tutorial here

Use an old pool noodle for a $0 wreath

Gather some pine cones from your yard to cover a easy pool noodle and duct tape wreath form - too simple! Get tutorial here

Create a table runner from cheap placemats

Lay place mats end to end to create a faux table runner from inexpensive placemats. No one will know & it'll look great! Get tutorial here

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