Santa and His Sleigh Tiered Tray Decoration

8 Materials
30 Minutes

The other day I found a metal sleigh at Dollar Tree. I knew I had to have it.

When I got home I came up with an idea for a tiered tray decor item using the sleigh and a small size Santa gnome.

This is such a cute little decoration piece. You can also add a string so it can be hung on a Christmas tree.

This is the cutest decoration I have ever seen! What do you think?

I used a silver sleigh for this ornament and hand-painted the bottom black and the top and sides red. I found a red sleigh at Dollar Tree this week and picked some up. I will be making another video using the red sleigh soon.

Step 1

After I removed the tag and the decorations from the sleigh I used a pair of jewelry pliers to remove the small hanger on the back of the sleigh. If you are going to use this as an ornament you can skip this part. I wanted to use this on a tiered tray so that's why I removed it.

Step 2

I taped up the area of the sleigh I wanted to paint red. I left the area I wanted to be black. I took the sleigh outside and spray painted it with black spray paint.

Step 3

After the black paint had dried I removed the tape and began painting the rest of the sleigh with red acrylic paint. I painted all the sides and the inside of the sleigh.

Santa Gnome

To create the little Santa gnome I used a empty sewing string roll and a piece of wood I got from Dollar Tree for Santa's body. I hot glued these together using my hot glue gun. I added the wood because with just the sewing string roll Santa wasn't tall enough.

To create the beard I used some white nautical rope from dollar tree. I was using a new roll so it was already taped at one end. You will want to tape it at one end with electrical or duct tape to hold all the pieces together. I unraveled the rope to give it more of a beard look. I used my hot glue gun and glued the rope to the face.

To create the Santa hat I used a Dollar Tree tree skirt and cut a side of it down to fit on Santa's heat. I hot glued it into place and then added a small white pompom to the end of the hat.

I then used a smaller wood bead for the nose and put it right up against the fur on the hat.

After Santa was complete I hot glued him to the center of the sleigh.

Completed Look

I think this is my favorite project so far!

The sleigh and Santa are just so stinking cute!

Suggested materials:
  • Wood Stem   (Dollar Tree)
  • Santa Sleigh   (Dollar Tree)
  • Christmas Tree Skirt   (Dollar Tree)
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