Santa Sleigh- for Your Yard or Parade

by Kelly-n-Tony
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Here is a pretty easy DIY as far as making a Santa Sleigh. We needed one for the parade but this would be fantastic in your yard as well. Bonus is that it's 4 pieces slotted to fit together for seasonal use and store flat along a wall in the garage afterwards. It takes 3 sheets of plywood to make this sleigh.

Choose your sleigh pattern

You can draw or download a sleigh pattern of your choosing onto a piece of paper then grid it and grid your plywood. Then you simply draw each grid section in pencil then marker.

You'll have 2 sides, a front and back.

Draw your design onto the plywood
Cut the design out

Drill holes as needed so you're able to get your sabersaw blade to cut the inner sections.

Add slots

You'll want to cut slots so that your 4 pieces can slide into each other.

Reinforcement of rails

The rail design looked fragile because it was thin so we added a 1x1-glued, clamped, & screwed onto the inside of the rails to make them sturdier. You might not need to if you choose a design not as intricate.

Fitting the pieces together

If it's too snug when you prefit the 4 pieces together you might need to shave a bit down because you'll be painting the whole sleigh and don't want it to scrape your paint off.

Notice the center is empty- depending on how you're using it you might want to add a bench or chair like we did. It's not noticable from the outside.


Using a roller the entire sleigh red inside and out except the bottom rails.

Trim painting

We chose a simple outline trim in white. You can use the blue painters tape to get straight lines and create the curves at corners. Then of course the bottom rails were black.

Materials needed include 3 pieces of 4x8 plywood in whatever thickness you choose We also used 2 pieces of 1x1 (or a 2x4 ripped) to reinforce the rails. We know wood projects are pricey these days but keep in mind it will last longer if you purchase thicker, treated plywood.

Then paint in red, white, black. Beyond that it's however you plan to use or display the sleigh so lights or spotlights would be good to include.

Santa's sleigh is ready to go!

Here you see Santa's sleigh has some add-on's since our theme was Candyland Christmas. All lights, candy canes, etc are easily removable, including the bench inside for Santa to sit on.

Pile the inside of the sleigh with wrapped empty boxes for a great look in your yard! If you want to know how we made the Gingerbread Men click here

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This was a big project but actually very easy due to it's simplicity.

I love that it can slide apart to be stored after the season.

Suggested materials:
  • (3) 4x8 treated plywood   (Lowes)
  • (2) 1x1x8 wood   (Lowes)
  • Gallon Red Paint   (Menards)
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  • Brenda Brenda on Dec 23, 2021

    I love it! You did a awesome job

  • Linda Abate Linda Abate on Dec 23, 2021

    WOW, so beautiful. I do not know of anyone that would not love to show this sleigh off in their yard. Love how it is decorated in the inside with presents. Another fun thing to do would be to allow your children, grandchildren and maybe some of the younger kids have pictures taken while sitting inside the sleigh. Just Love this project. MERRY CHRISTMAS.