Seashell Santa & Angels Dollar Tree Shells And Tree Decoration

Kimberly Jonesy
by Kimberly Jonesy
2 Materials
30 Minutes
Well I was playing around with the idea on how to re-do the $1 tree from Dollar Tree and I thought that one of the shells looked like an angel. So, here is what I did.
Painted them all white.
On these shells I added peach paint for face color-
Then I used DollarTree red nail polish and painted on the left side of each shell-
Close up view.
Then added a white bead from a DollarTree necklace and dotted eyes with metallic gold and the nose is a glitter red nail polish dot of color. I buy a lot of Dollartree polish just to paint with them. I found bright orange last year, and just the other day, used it on a project. You never know when you may need a color and polish last for a long time.
Now with the other shell, I outlined the shell in different colors for her dress appeal. The wings stayed white, or, I colored a few. Just went with what colors I had.
I added a bead for her head. Some I added a gem. I played around for I really thought the shells looked like angels.
I took off the DollarTree snowflakes and red gems. I glued on the angels, and a santa shell on top. One could do all santas and place only one angel for the top-fun-easy-and the kids can help. Adults use the hotglue-of course.
Lastly, I buy glitter nail polish to highlight many projects with glitter instead of dumping glitter on it-I use the nail polish. I added some glittery sheen to the santa hat and around the dress of the angels. Awesome.
I did add the snowflakes back on the tree-and I was finished. This decoration will hang in my bathroom along with my many other seashells projects. Look for me on Youtube. I have dozens of videos!
Bless! Miss Jones
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Suggested materials:
  • Seashells   (Dollartree)
  • Tree   (Dollartree)
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