Vasoline Distressing Makes a Beautiful Holiday Decor Piece

Katie Tennis
by Katie Tennis
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To create a chippy old look on wood yo match vintage decor, just add vasoline! Watch as Katie diatresses a spindle, then adds some hanging letters for a unique seasonal decor piece for the holidays..
Gathering supplies is your first step: paint colors, spindle, blocks for letters/word you’d like, vasoline,’paint brushes, twine, greenery, ribbon, stapler.
Start by painting the spindle black.
Once the black paint has dried, apply a thin layer of Vasoline in multiple places along each surface of the spindle. The Vasoline will act as a resist to the next layer of paint and help achieve the distressed finish.
After you've applied your vasoline, apply a coat of white paint right over top of the entire spindle. You will see spots where the vasoline is resisting the paint, and that is okay, don't try to force coverage in those areas.
Wait for that white paint to dry, then using a towel, wipe away in vasolined areas to distress the spindle and reveal areas of the black paint underneath.
Next start on the pine blocks for your letters. We used 1x6 pine cut into 5” pieces and drilled a hole in the center top of each to hang the blocks.
Apply stain of your choice to all the pine boards. We used a Minwax, Americana colored stain.
Apply letters to each block to personalize. If you have a personal machine to make them, great, but if not there is a wide variety of letter stencils available at your local craft store.
Next, prepare each block to hang from your spindle. Thread a piece of jute/twine through the whole of each letter tile.
TIP: Use a piece of tape on the end of the string if you have any trouble getting through the hole.
Once your tiles are stained,lettered and the string is threaded, you’re ready to attach them to the painted spindle.
Use a stapler to secure each letter tile to hang from the spindle. You can have them hang straight across or stagger the lengths of each for a whimsical look.
You can also adorn the top of your spindle with greenery or vine, using a stapler as well. Totally optional but very pretty!
We even added bow in the center adds a great pop of color.
Enjoy your finished project! While we made our project suitable for Christmas we plan to add our last name or another seasonal word on the backside of the tiles to use this beautiful decor piece for multiple seasons.
Suggested materials:
  • Black paint   (Sherwin Williams)
  • White paint   (Sherwin Williams)
  • Vasoline   (Walmart)
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