Winter Wonderland Window Display

7 Materials
1 Hour
Who doesn't love shimmer things and lights?! This is the perfect project to do with kids and get them involved with your Christmas decorating--maybe even have some cookies in the oven while you create this fun window display together.

-assorted ornaments of choice (I chose 2 different size no-shatter ornaments and some inexpensive snowflake picks.)

-battery powered LED string lights


-fishing line


Not pictured:

-push pins

-wire snips
Here is the plain BEFORE picture of my kitchen window.
STEP 1: Prep ornaments

If you're using the snowflake picks from Michaels like I did, you'll want to first snip the stick off. Then, simply cut a piece of fishing line with your scissors and tie to each snowflake. String each ornament as well.
STEP 2: Hang and fasten ornaments, lights and garland

Next, wrap the fishing line of your ornament around the pointy part of a push pin and push each pin into the top of your window casing. If you don't have window casing and you don't want a bunch of tiny holes above your window in your sheetrock, simply arrange your ornaments and lights on a long piece of wood, then mount it above your window.
Also using push pins, attach your string lighting to the top of your window. Of course be careful not to push any pins directly into the wiring--you'll want to either pin the wire against the wall where your window casing meets, or separate two of the tiny wires (there should be 3) and pin between them.
After you've pinned all of your ornaments and lights, take a strip of garland and pin on top of your window casing. Do this to cover up all of your push pins and give your window display a completed look.
Bo loves this window display! He was napping when I put everything together and he woke up astonished at the lights--it's amazing what a few inexpensive elements can create!
Suggested materials:
  • Assorted ornaments   (Michaels)
  • Battery powered LED string lights   (Michaels)
  • Garland   (on hand)
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  • Cas15135541 Cas15135541 on Dec 15, 2016
    Where were u able 2 find the LED lights with the timer on it , if I may ask ? I'm unable 2 drive due 2 not having all of my eyesight , so I'm looking 2 figure out where everything is so the person I ask 2 drive me doesn't have 2 drive all over the place on my account ! This is a FANTASTIC IDEA !! I LOVE IT !! Thank-you 4 sharing ur idea with everyone !!!

  • Squ7437099 Squ7437099 on Feb 11, 2017
    I have several large "plastic" jars like the ones peanut butter comes in. Can I use these and store the ingredients for a couple of weeks without eating the plastic?

  • Carol Carol on Dec 11, 2021

    In your night picture, it doesn't show where you hung those gorgeous snowflakes. In fact all you can see is the lights. Can you update your instructions with a picture of it complete, only with a complete daytime one? Thank you. I truly love this!

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