Wooden Christmas Tree - Home Decor

by Inaablue
2 Hours
Christmas is just around the corner and I want to share with you this cute idea. Wooden Christmas tree, alternative Christmas tree which will be original, interesting and unusual!
I had a piece of recycled wood and some cabinet handles and give it a go!
This Christmas tree is perfect for small, modern spaces which do not support big and lush Christmas decor.
Here it is!! Hope you like it!
First I painted wood with some brown acrylic paint.
I rub the edges with wax.
Painted with white acrylic paint.
Used scotch tape to make a tree shape.
Painted with green acrylic paint.
Take the scotch tape off.
Used sandpaper to sand the edges.
Drill the holes for cabinet handles.
And at the end put some cabinet handles to look like Christmas tree balls!
And my son uses it as a sensory board!!! :))) Is it not a perfect Christmas decoration?! :)
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