Beach Themed Soap Dish From Crab Shaped Ashtray - Easy As Pie!

by GeorgiaBulldogsFan
3 Materials
90 Minutes

Well, I messed up royally! I have to apologize in advance. When working on a new project, I get very eager to start a piece that I forget things. Case in point, I forgot to take a before shot of this previously chippy red painted metal ashtray. I thought I had taken a picture but now I realize I didn’t.

The four indented areas behind each of the crab’s claws on each side formerly held burning cigarettes. Not mine though. I don’t smoke. This came from my parents house years ago. I had been on the search for something unusual to use as a soap dish in our beach themed bathroom. I rubbed the rough paint areas with steel wool to smooth the surface. I then scrubbed the entire ashtray and let it dry completely. I then took some Krylon ColorMAXX paint and primer in flat white and gave the ashtray two coats of paint/primer on front and back of piece.

After the paint/primer had thoroughly dried, I sprayed a generous coat of Krylon Kamar varnish.

This is the finished result. It is now an old ashtray turned into a new soap dish. Again I stress how apologetic I am for not getting before pictures. I will TRY to remember to take before pictures BEFORE I begin working on a new project. Let me know what you think. Would love for you Hometalkers to check out my other projects and see what I have done with more unusual items. UPDATE: November 27, 2022. While looking on eBay today, I found the this cast iron unpainted ashtray. Although mine was painted red and was chippy, it is the same exact piece. Just wanted to let you Hometalkers know that I didn’t buy the crab already painted.

Suggested materials:
  • Crab shaped metal ashtray   (From parents home)
  • Krylon paint/primer   (Had at home)
  • Krylon varnish   (Had at home)
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  • Thea Thea on Nov 07, 2021

    Hi there GBF, cute upcycle for an ashtray. I also have one in my guest loo! I have a collection of mid-century glass ashtrays but only one gets used for the odd smoking guest. It rained here last night, at last.💫🌈

    • GeorgiaBulldogsFan GeorgiaBulldogsFan on Nov 08, 2021

      Hi Thea. I appreciate your kind response. I was sorry that I didn’t take before shots of the crab ashtray. I seem to get ahead of myself when working on something. But alas, that is my life. So glad you finally got some rain your way. It rained constantly here for 2 days but was sunny Sunday. Supposed to be sunny all day today.