DIY Acrylic Mirror BOHO Tray

Jayashree Anand
by Jayashree Anand
4 Materials
2 Hours

I have made a very classy and elegant BOHO tray. It can be very easily made with some amount of dedication and attention to details. I would recommend this to the beginner to learn the elements of DIY BOHO making. The advanced students too can try their hand in this project.

Get together the raw materials. 12"dia acrylic mirror which will serve as a base; popsicle sticks as required; fevibond adhesive.

Keep the acrylic mirror as the base. Now on the edge of the mirror, start sticking the popsicle sticks using the adhesive. Patience is required as the sticking surface is not very wide. It will take time for the sticks to get glued strongly.

After completing sticking of the popsicle sticks along the entire circumference, take a jute lace and stick it along the bottom of the popsicle stick. This will create a nice design for the BOHO tray.

Here, I have made a braided macrame thread which I will use in the next steps to enhance the look of the BOHO tray.

Once the braided thread is ready, start rolling the same in layers along the circumference, just above the jute lace.

Now, decorate the threaded layers with handmade flowers. I have used the same from Itsy Bitsy.

Another view with the flowers!

A top view look of the BOHO tray at the inside. You can see the reflection of the ceiling fan :-)

I have used cork stoppers ( 4 ) to act as a support and also elevate the tray when it is placed on the table.

The finished BOHO tray with desired elements kept inside.

A tip I have found useful. When using elements, use odd numbers of them like 1,3 or 5. Also, use elements of different dimensions.

Such arrangements will break the symmetry and give a very pleasing aesthetic look.

I trust you all found this DIY BOHO tray post very useful. I am sure if you try the same you will enjoy the process. It is not a very expensive one and at the same time looks very classy.

Please share your experience too in the comments.

The complete video of the making of the BOHO tray.

Suggested materials:
  • Acrylic Mirror 12 "   (Amazon)
  • Jute Lace   (Local Decor Shop)
  • Popsicle sticks   (Local decor shop)
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