Dollar Tree Easter/Spring Shabby Chic Royal Egg DIY!

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Today I'm going to share with you a simple, easy yet high-end looking Easter/Spring Royal egg using humble Dollar Tree items! Its appropriate to decorate your home for Spring as a centerpiece! icon

This is the Royal Egg we are going to make! icon

First of all, I took one of the huge plastic egg containers from Dollar Tree and started painting with homemade white chalk paint! (I will share the recipe soon... icon )

Once the white paint dried up well, I gave 1 coat of Craftsmart Pastel Pink paint on one part of the eggshell and let it dry.

While the paint is drying up, I took 3D Pop up butterfly stickers from Dollar Tree and painted Pastel Pink on 2 of the butterflies.

While those painted butterflies were drying, I took one of the rose silicon molds from Walmart and filled it with glue, and let it rest.

Once the mold dried up, it took the beautiful rose shape with fine details as shown. icon

Then, I smeared gold eye makeup powder on the rose glue flower and made sure that gold dust is well coated in the crevices of the flower mold, which gave me the subtle shine I was looking for! icon

This is how both the eggshells look after being painted and dried up well.

Next, I took rose floral tissue paper from Dollar Tree and Mod Podged on the white painted surface of the eggshell just like so...

I took small parts of rose flower tissue paper and applied them in batches over the eggshell.

After the tissue paper dried up well, I glued both parts of the shell using hot glue.

Next, I took one of the candle holders from Dollar Tree and painted it with white chalk paint.

Once the paint dried on the candle holder, this is how it looks!

Next, on the borders of the eggshells, I attached one of the pink pearls and rhinestone stickers (painted with pink) from Dollar Tree.

Then, I took broad white lace and stuck it across the egg using hot glue and attached the glue rose on top of the lace ribbon.

Later, I took a beige ribbon which has gold lines, and a white lace ribbon from Dollar Tree and made bows and stuck them on top of the glue rose.

And, from one of the pearl garlands from Dollar Tree, I cut 2 small pieces and attached them to either side of the rose using hot glue.

Finally, I stuck the beautiful Royal egg on top of the candle holder using hot glue as a pedestal.

The addition of those pink butterflies with pearls and lace added so much decoration to this beautiful Regal Egg. icon

I'm extremely happy with the final result of the Shabby Chic Easter/Spring Royal Egg décor. icon

This could be a beautiful exuberant centerpiece for your Spring Home Décor!

I love the final result, I hope you will love it too! icon

Here is a link for the full tutorial!!!!! icon

Suggested materials:
  • Huge Plastic Egg container   (Dollar Tree)
  • White Chalk paint   (Home made)
  • Craftsmart Pink Paint   (Michaels)
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