Easter Display & Egg Candle Making

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2 Days

Hello and thanks so much for viewing my post today!

This project is a very simple and fun Easter/spring craft that can definitely be made with the kids.

As usual, I have a YouTube video of this project up on my YouTube channel so please go ahead and check that out, video link and more info below.


  • Egg shells
  • Egg carton
  • A lemon
  • Candle making wax (no more than 1lb)
  • Candle wicks
  • Old pan
  • A coloured crayon
  • Glue (I used hot glue)
  • Chocolate eggs and decorations
  • Clothes pegs (optional)
  • Cement (optional)
  • Lubricant (optional)


As I mentioned above, I've made a YouTube tutorial to go along with this project. To view, simply click the video link above.

I'd love it if you could take a look at my channel whilst you're there and consider subscribing for loads of crafty content 👍🏻

Thank you 🙏🏻


To prepare the eggs, first make sure you want to eat them! It sounds obvious but you're left with quite a few eggs after this step that are just sitting there 😅

Try to crack as small an opening as possible at the top of each egg and carefully shake the contents out into a bowl. I make 6 egg candles in total and 4 of these I want to have as much of an egg shape as possible so a barely-intact shell will allow me to fill it nice and high with wax.

Next, clean the shells out with soapy water. Try to get as much of that weird stringy film out of the eggs too...you know what I mean!


I love the addition of a lemon candle but you can of course skip this step if it's not for you.

Cut off the top of a lemon and scoop out all the insides.

Bake the lemon shell on low, about 200F, for approx 2 to 3 hours, or as long as it takes for the shell to fully dry out. I bake a few slices and bits of rind too (from the cut off top) as a guide because I thought it might be hard to tell when the shell was done.


Once your shells are dry, prop them upright in a tub/tray of sand to make them easy to work with.

Add a touch of lubricant to the ones you're planning on fully cracking later on. It's not completely necessary to do this but I think it helped a little.

Using a paintbrush, spread the lubricant around the inside of the shells for an even coating.

Add a generous blob of hot glue to the bottom of a candle wick and stick one inside each of the shells.

Stick one inside the lemon shell too once this has fully dried out.

This part is another optional step especially as the cement bit won't show when the candle is in the egg carton. I really wanted to try it out though so figured I could display them on their own some place else.

Mix together enough cement to fill 2 eggs half way to the top. Make the mixture slightly more runny that you might normally do so that it's easier to pour.

Add the cement to 2 shells so that they fill half way and then set them on a slight slant. You can leave them upright if you prefer, but I liked the idea of them having a slanted line.

Leave the cement to set.


Melt a block of white/plain paraffin wax (each of my blocks was 1/3 of a pound) over a low heat in an old pan. Decant the melted wax into a smaller pouring container to make this next part easier.

Pour the plain wax into 1 of the egg shells that has cement in it and into the lemon. Keep the other cement egg empty.

Then, If you have different coloured shells like me, you'll want to plan which colour of wax to pour into which of the remaining egg shells. I make sure I pour the plain wax into at least one of the brown egg shells and leave at least one white egg shell empty for my coloured wax. Again, keep the remaining cement egg empty.

If the wicks start to droop, hold them up using clothes pegs. The wick should fit perfectly into the little hole in the middle where the hinge is.

Melt another block of wax and this time, drop a small piece of coloured crayon into it. If you have actual wax colourants then you can of course use these instead.

Swish the crayon around a few times and then remove it from the pan. The longer you leave the crayon in, the more intense the colour will be. I wanted a pale yellow so I swished my crayon around for just a few seconds.

Decant the wax into a smaller pouring container and fill the remaining egg shells.

In summary, I fill my shells as follows:

1 x half cement, half plain wax shell

1 x half cement, half yellow wax shell

2 x full plain wax in brown shells

2 x full yellow wax in white shells

1 x full plain wax in lemon

Allow the wax to fully harden and chill in the fridge over night.


Make sure you know which eggs are the cement eggs and start with those.

Carefully tap them on a hard surface to break and peel away their shells.

The shells for mine were a little stubborn in being removed from the cement parts but they eventually came off with a little patience and a sharp knife.

Sand the cement if necessary for a nice smooth finish.

Next, remove the shells from 1 plain wax egg and 1 yellow wax egg. The shells for mine came off with no problems at all this time.

Leave 1 plain wax egg and 1 yellow wax egg in their shells and, of course, leave the lemon as it is too.

Now to display your lovely candles.

Cut the flaps off of an old egg carton and fill the troughs with real or fake moss.

If you don't have moss then you could fill them with straw, shredded paper, feathers?

Snip the wicks to the desired length.

Fill your carton with your candles and any other Eastery goodies that you like.

I made a load of colourful Pysanky eggs and painted eggs this year and put one of each of those in with my candles.

If you want to see how I made either of these then just visit my YouTube channel for the full videos.

I also fill a few of the troughs with mini chocolate eggs 😋

And that's it, your project is ready for display!

I'm not sure I'll ever light my candles because I just love them too much, I never want to see them disappear!

I hope you enjoyed this project. Let me know what you think about it in the comments below and I'll be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Thanks again so much for visiting my post today.

Have a great day and happy crafting! x


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