#Easter Yarn Eggs!

Adrianne Surian
by Adrianne Surian
There's still enough time to make up some yarn Easter eggs! All you will need are small balloons, yarn, and glue to make this cute decor craft. I made mine a few years back and they held up so well, I'm on the third year of incorporating them into my Easter decor.
Make up some eggs to match your Easter Decor!
Mix up 2 parts glue to 1 part water. I found that working with about 8-10 feet of yarn at a time was ideal to reduce tangling, and I used 3 lengths (for a total of 24-30 feet/8-10 yards of yarn). I needed about 3/4 oz. glue for each balloon I wrapped - it does take quite a bit.
Saturate strands of yarn in the mixture, and then gently squeeze excess from the yarn as you work. You want the glue to get all the way into the yarn, but you don't want it dripping wet while you wrap.
Wrap small balloons in your yarn. For water-balloon-sized balloons, I found that around 30 feet of yarn worked well. You will want to intersect the yarn at several points to strengthen it, so wrap in every direction you can.
Allow them to dry overnight, turning them a couple times so that all sides have a chance to dry. Feel the eggs - if they are firm, they are ready. If they are at all damp, continue drying. The drying time will depend entirely how much water you squeeze from the yarn in the first step, so they may be ready sooner or they may need a little more time. But overnight is a good starting point for drying time. Once dry, cut the balloon and it will deflate for removal.
Adrianne Surian
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  • Alice A Alice A on Feb 05, 2019

    Does it matter what kind of yarn you use, cotton or polyester ?

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  • Mj Mj on Feb 15, 2019

    Neat idea. Our group makes things for senior homes. I'm going to try to make some, but stand them up on wide part in a pan (on saran wrap when drying) and not wrap the top 1/3rd so, so it is open. If it works out, we'll fill with grass and candies for them.

  • LinneaSanchez LinneaSanchez on Mar 23, 2021

    L O V E!