Easy to Make Dainty Pom Poms.

2 Materials
15 Minutes
How to make little dainty poms poms using the fork as a pom pom making tool.

You will need a fork, wool in the colour of your choice, a wool or large eye needle, scissors, and whatever item you will be embellishing with the pompoms.
Simply wind the wool around the fork.
Remember the more wool you use the fatter the pom pom will be.
 Once you have wound the wool around the fork like this,
cut another piece of wool and thread through the middle prong gap.

Pull the wool as tight as you can and knot. It HAS TO BE PULLED TIGHT!
If you don't tie it tight the pom pom will just fall apart.
  Cut up each side of the fork with small sharp scissors.
Fluff out and trim.
You will want one long string left to sew you pom pom onto the cushion.
Hand stitch and attach using the large eye needle and the long string that was left on the pom pom.
I have used mine to embellish the four corners of this cushion.
On a cushion you could attach a row of them at the top and bottom of the cushion, or even spaced around the entire cushion.
You could use these dainty poms as a banner, to add a little fun to a blanket edge, or in Easter crafts.
These dainty little pom poms are the perfect size for little bunny tails.
you could craft a back view picture of a rabbit and glue the pom pom on for the tail. Frame it, for a cute pom pom rabbit tail artwork.

Suggested materials:
  • Wool   (craftstore)
  • Needle   (craftstore)
Tracey Lee Cassin
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