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Epic Beer mug is made of carefully chosen pallet wood of very high quality, toughened with rope. Every part of mug is hand crafted, carefully combined together in one solid piece, and coated with natural beeswax. Mug is extremly tough and durable, medieval viking design, keeps beverages cooler for 2-3 degrese Celsius in period of 40 minutes. To clean just rinse it under the water, almost no maintance at all. Mugs provide very warm, pleasant, avanturistic, some would say, fantasy feeling. Excellent for gamers, bars, gatherings, gifts etc.
- Body: Hand picked high quality beech wood
- Hoops: Natural cotton rope
- Handle: Hand picked high quality beech wood
Coated with natural beeswax safe for consumation, enviroment, etc.
Special characteristics:
- Suitable for cold beverages like Beer, Coke, Water
Cutting the slots
Bottom of the mug
Charring with a candle
Handle and Hoop
Skål (Cheers)
Suggested materials:
  • Beech wood   (Free Pallet)
  • Rope   (Army chest handles)
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